13 of the weirdest and funniest DALL-E Mini creations on the internet

DALL-E Mini is becoming popular as people are creating weird and funny images using this AI tool.


The world of AI is continuously developing and makes it to the news for something mind-blowing every day. Although the application of artificial intelligence is still unexplored in many areas, it is surely creating jaw-dropping image results on the internet.


DALL-E Mini is an AI-powered text-to-image generator accessible to everyone. It creates images from a text image and this input could be anything that your mind can imagine. You can input the weirdest line in the generator and it will give you options of results. One can only imagine the potential of this AI tool.

DALL-E Mini was released in 2021, by Boris Dayma and his team. It is a smaller version of DALL-E and DALL-E 2 that was introduced by OpenAI. This version is still under training and doesn’t match what DALL-E 2 can create but with everyone getting access to it, people are creating the funniest and weirdest pictures! Here are 13 of the funniest and most hilarious DALL-E Mini creations, presented to you by the internet:

“Jesus Christ breakdancing on fire”

” A Pikachu that looks like a pug”

“Ronald McDonald performs open heart surgery”

“The Ring Samara on The Price is Right” and “Big Bird shoplifting at Victoria’s Secret”

“Man arguing with a wasp”

“JK Rowling holding the trans flag” and “Adolf Hitler shaking hands with Shrek”

“Darth Vader ice fishing”

“A bottle of Ranch Dressing testifying in court”

“Goofy stopped by airport TSA” and “Putin winning World Cup”

“Joe Biden at a furry convention”

Because of this AI tool going viral, a Twitter account named @weirddalle has gained a big fanbase. This account has crossed 450K followers on the platform and it also reposts funny and weird DALL-E Mini images created by others on the internet.

Featured Image Credits: huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dalle-mini

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