Zoom introduces ChatGPT-like AI companion


Zoom is a platform that many people use for video meetings and chatting. They wanted to make it even better by adding a new feature, like having a virtual assistant, just like ChatGPT. This new feature, which they call the “AI Companion,” is designed to assist you in various ways. If you’re already paying for Zoom’s Pro or Business plans, you won’t have to pay anything extra to use this new feature; it’s included in your subscription.

This AI Companion is quite handy because it can help you with different tasks while you’re using Zoom. For instance, you can chat with it in your team’s chat area, have meetings with its help, answer phone calls, manage your emails more efficiently, and even use it to draw things on a virtual whiteboard. And what’s more exciting is that Zoom has hinted that they have even more cool features in the works, which they plan to reveal in the near future.

To make this AI Companion smart and capable of assisting you effectively, Zoom used a combination of their own clever computer techniques and ideas borrowed from other smart computer programs. These other programs, like Meta’s Llama 2, OpenAI’s GPT, and Anthropic, are known for their advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. By incorporating these technologies, Zoom is aiming to provide you with a more helpful and intelligent assistant to make your work and communication tasks easier and more convenient. Zoom is committed to making your experience with their platform as smooth and efficient as possible by introducing this AI Companion. It’s like having a virtual friend that can help you get things done and communicate effectively, and they’re constantly working to make it even better for you.

The AI Companion in Zoom comes packed with some handy features to make your virtual meetings even more efficient. For instance, if you’re running late for a meeting, you can rely on the Companion to help you catch up quickly. It does this by answering your questions right in a side panel, so you don’t miss out on important information. Moreover, the Companion is quite nifty when it comes to recording meetings. It not only records them but also adds highlights and chapters to make it easier for you to review or for others to follow along later. This can be a real time-saver and help ensure everyone stays on the same page.

But Zoom doesn’t stop there. They have plans to make the Companion even smarter in the future. They’re working on giving it the ability to generate automatic summaries of meetings. So, instead of sifting through a long meeting recording, you’ll get a concise summary of what was discussed, saving you valuable time.

Looking ahead, Zoom has even more exciting plans. They intend to update the Companion to provide feedback on how you’re doing in your meetings. This means it can tell you how you’re performing and even coach you on how to improve your conversation and presentation skills. It’s like having a helpful mentor right in your virtual meetings. Zoom’s AI Companion is evolving to be a valuable tool for enhancing your virtual meeting experiences. It can help you catch up, record meetings effectively, summarize discussions, and in the future, offer personalized feedback and coaching to make your meetings even better.

The AI Companion in Zoom is built using a combination of Zoom’s own specially designed computer programs and some well-known AI models. Zoom has its own set of smart algorithms that they’ve developed in-house. These algorithms help power the AI Companion’s capabilities. Additionally, the AI Companion also takes advantage of the expertise from popular AI models like Meta’s Llama 2, OpenAI’s GPT, and Anthropic. These models are recognized in the AI community for their advanced abilities to understand and process human language and data. By incorporating both their own technology and these established AI models, Zoom ensures that the AI Companion is well-equipped to assist users effectively and provide a seamless and intelligent experience during virtual meetings and other interactions on their platform.

In the coming months, Zoom has plans to roll out additional updates to the Companion, making it even more useful. These updates include features like sentence auto-completion, which can save you time when typing messages or responses. Additionally, you’ll be able to schedule meetings directly from your chat conversations, streamlining the process of organizing virtual gatherings.

It’s worth noting that, by default, the AI Companion will be turned off, and it’s up to the administrators in charge of the platform to enable it. This gives organizations control over whether they want to use these AI features. In light of privacy concerns, Zoom wants to make it clear that it does not use customer data, audio, or video content to train its AI models. This is an important step to address any potential privacy worries that users may have.

Zoom recently faced backlash over its terms of service when it was revealed that the company had the right to collect and store user data for training its AI models. After facing criticism on social media and from the public, Zoom decided to reverse these policies, demonstrating their commitment to addressing user concerns and maintaining a user-friendly and privacy-conscious approach.

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