How to View your Pending Friend Requests on Facebook Timeline [Updated]

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[quote_box_center]Update[29/11/2013]: Facebook now added a direct link to see the whole pending friend requests. Read: Facebook Now Shows Unaccepted Friend Requests [/quote_box_center]

While going through Google Search Trends, we found many people are searching for ‘how to see pending friend requests on Facebook’. Those search results may leads to those articles and videos are mostly belongs to Facebook’s older version or by using some apps like ‘FriendRequests’ etc. but the fact that, there is no such apps and those methods are not available now. We had posted a tutorial few months ago about viewing pending friend requests on Facebook by using app called FriendRequests, it was working fine at that time, but now Facebook has blocked the app accessing friend requests due to its violation of users’ Privacy. Unfortunately the app is not working now. You don’t worry, still we have a solution for this. It’s an exclusive method — first time on web. By following these simple steps you will get to know people those who not accepted your friend requests.
So, we are going to show you how to view all your unconfirmed friend requests. Once you followed this method, you can see all the friend requests you made before and also those were not confirmed.

How to check the pending friend requests on Facebook:

Step #1:

Go to your ‘Account Settings’
or Simply click here (if you’re logged in Facebook)

Step #2:

On the ‘General’ section (landing page)
Click on ‘Download a Copy of your Facebook data’ on bottom of page.

How to see pending friend request in facebook timeline may-2013 -- Download

Step #3:

Update: Now Facebook has been lifted ‘expanded archive’ option from DYI tool. You need to download the normal archive. Just click on ‘Start My Archive’
Then skip to Step #5.
Select ‘expanded archive’ from the link below.
How to see pending friend request in facebook timeline may-2013 -- Archive

Step #4:

For security, Facebook asks for entering your Password, after that click ‘Continue’

How to see pending friend request in facebook timeline may-2013 --

Step #5:

Then click on ‘Start My Archive’.
How to see pending friend request in facebook timeline may-2013 -- Start

Step #6:

Depending on your Facebook activity, will take time for archiving your whole data. Usually  it takes 1 to 2 hours to getting archived. Once the archive is ready, you will receive an email. Now you need to download the archive from the link.
How to see pending friend request in facebook timeline may-2013 -- Download

Step #7:

Once you downloaded Facebook Data, you have to extract it. The archive basically contains a html file — index.html.
How to see pending friend request in facebook timeline may-2013 -- Open

Step #8:

How to see pending friend request in facebook timeline may-2013 Update: Due to privacy concerns Facebook has removed ‘expanded archive’ option from the DYI, and though many options has gone. Still, you can get the details about pending friend requests on ‘Friends’ header in left panel. Just click on it and scroll down until it shows ‘Sent Friend Requests’
Open index.html, in that file you can see links to all your Facebook activities. Then navigate to “Pending friend requests” (Friends) link. Click that link, now you can see the whole pending friend requests list on ‘Pending Sent Friend Requests’ (Sent Friend Requests) head. It will also shows you the ‘Pending Received Friend Requests’. You can also view friends whom you have deleted from your account.
How to check pending friend requests in Facebook
Bingo! You have done…Now you can cancel the pending friend requests by searching their name on Facebook, it will reduce the chance of getting blocked by FB. Don’t forget to comment and share this link if it’s worked! :)

Need Help?

If you’re having problems implementing this, don’t hesitate to let me know, Would be a pleasure to help you.
Did you find the above process helpful?  Were you able to follow-along?  Please let us know! Comment below and connect with us for daily updates!
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  1. Hi, I think you just downloaded Basic Facebook Info. You need to select &#39;expanded archive&#39; from <br />Download Your Information page. (See step#3)<br />It will work, don’t hesitate to comment if you faced any probs. Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. Hi, Welcome to Sociobits. Glad to know that you’ve learnt some good <br />tricks from our site. We believe you will get benefits by using these <br />tricks. Stay Connected! :)

  3. Masa, thanks for letting us know about the issue..We have gone through that, now Facebook has removed &#39;Extended Archive&#39; option. Instead of that, you can download the normal one and you will be able to see the &#39;sent friend requests&#39; in &#39;Friends&#39; header. <br />Thanks! (:

  4. i did the same procedure but only found my current friends list and the friends whom i submitted my request but did not get the pending request sent by others, i really need to know that, please help. Thanks

  5. Hi Sreedev, I&#39;m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this but I have no idea where to get the info I need.<br /><br />My fiance and I are getting married next month and I&#39;m preparing a slideshow showing how we met. We knew each other before but never really spoke until we connected on FB last year. <br /><br />The problem is I can&#39;t remember if I added her or vice-versa… and I

  6. Hi there, thanks for details above, very helpful. However I only receive the friends data I also receive when I check my activity log. I wanted to check my &quot;sent friend requests&quot; and both in the data via the download link as in my activity log it only shows one name. Well I invited more people, so I really don&#39;t get it. Reason for checking, I received an email from FB today, the

  7. I get this error when I click on the Friends link in the archive &quot;There was an error loading the data for this page. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are working to fix the problem.&quot; Any ideas?

  8. Hi, I didn&#39;t know that you could request a friend without your knowledge, I must have click the wrong thing, please help so I want do it again, if that&#39;s the case. please reply.

  9. A Good way To let cyber attacks In by downloading, Just what I need when my comp Is already fucked up, fb Is bullshit and The rules need To change


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