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3 Reasons You Got Banned From Omegle (And Here’s How To Get Unbanned)

Omegle is one of those social media services that you use when you're truly bored. It’s a fun way to meet people who you...

Few-shot Learner- Facebook’s new AI which can identify problems faster

In a recent collection of documents, leaks from Facebook revealed that social networks have been less successful in understanding the different languages used across...



FinTech Vs Banking: Decoding The Difference Between Banks & FinTech Companies

For decades now, technology has been the tether that has brought the financial market together, be it the Stock Market, the Banks, Insurance companies,...

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Facebook’s Metaverse: Its best PR campaign ever

Developing a solid public relations strategy proved successful for Frances Haugen. The Facebook product manager turned whistleblower let loose volumes of internal documents at...

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Instagram will double down on videos in 2022

Adam Mosseri, Instagram's head, provided insight into what lies ahead for the platform in a brief video message at year's end. As the world...

Google Loses to TikTok to Become the World’s Most Popular Website in 2021

With an estimated 10 billion monthly users, TikTok will be the most popular website in the world by 2021. In terms of popularity, TikTok...

Russia fines Google $98 million over banned content

In a case brought by Russia on Friday, a court fined Google 7.2 billion roubles ($98 million) for failing to delete content the country...

TikTok sued by content moderator who claims she developed PTSD from reviewing disturbing content

Bloomberg reported that a moderator of the social media platform TikTok and its parent company ByteDance were being sued over graphic videos. Moderator Candie...

Facebook to bet on short-form video content in India

Meta's director of media partnerships, Paras Sharma, spoke at the India Mobile Congress, that video has become a priority for the company due to...
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It has been reported that Apple hired away the public relations chief for Meta's AR division. According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman in his...


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