5 Best AI tools for Instructional Designers

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As Dr. Henry Ford famously said, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay. Clubbing technology and education together has often been considered as the best way to impart expertise to the workforce everywhere. Instructional designers ensure that training and education are not just static experiences but dynamic journeys that empower learners to excel. They are the forefront of unifying state of the art technology with education. They collaborate with subject matter experts, educators, and technologists to develop comprehensive learning solutions. In the words of Connie Malamed, author of “Visual Design Solutions,” “Instructional designers bring together elements from different domains to create optimal learning experiences.”

Let’s check out some of the most creative AI tools for instructional designers!

  1. Chat GPT

To nobody’s surprise, Chat GPT has got to be at the top of the charts when it comes to assisting instructional designers. It is designed as one of the most advanced artificial intelligence systems in the world,and if users know how to engineer prompts properly, it can easily be used to create courses,lectures and curriculums of all sorts. 


  • ChatGPT4 facilitates the creation of various course content types, from basic lessons to advanced tests, suitable for instructional designers.
  • With appropriate prompts, ChatGPT4 can generate interactive learning tools to engage learners effectively.
  • Acting as a virtual tutor, ChatGPT4 allows instructors to adjust tone and language according to specific requirements.


While a free version exists, the ChatGPT4 Plus plan, priced at $20 per month, is recommended for accessing advanced features.

  1. Coursebox

An innovative AI Course Creator and AI-powered Learning Experience Platform (LXP), this tool is designed to streamline the process of creating, managing, and delivering educational and training content.

Users can  create preliminary course outlines and content, transform diverse media into course materials, and immerse learners through quizzes and videos. The e-learning authoring tool can be upgraded to a fully branded white label learning experience platform with mobile apps for learners. Ideal for corporate training, instructional design, and e-learning sales, this platform provides a quick, simple, and efficient solution to meet present educational demands.


  • Coursebox aids the conversion of various file formats and content types, ranging from web content to videos and documents, into lessons.
  • Utilizing its proprietary AI,the platform automatically grades student work and delivers instant feedback.
  • Latest AI tutoring capabilities are provided to students.
  • Creating quizzes and tests is extremely convenient using Coursebox.


Basic plan: free;Creator yearly: $17;Expert yearly: $42 monthly;LXP insanity: $1083 monthly.

  1. Perplexity

Founded by Andy Kowinski in 2022 Perplexity.AI does exactly what its name clearly suggests. It was made with the vision of providing users with precise and informative answers to their questions, regardless of their complexity. The unique element of this tool is its usage of Large Language Models(LLMs) to provide appropriate and useful responses to its users. Also it also provides sources from which information is extracted thereby ensuring its authenticity.


  • Perplexity includes an interactive content creation system empowering instructional designers to generate gamified learning models, simulations, and various interactive learning formats.
  • Collaboration tools are merged into the system, facilitating student collaboration on assignments.
  • Perplexity seamlessly merges with the contemporary used learning management systems.
  • This tool uses real-time analytics for providing accurate feedback to students.


Basic plan:free;Professional plan:$25 per educator;Institutional plan:Custom pricing. 

  1. Courseau

Offering an array of features such as multimedia integration, assessment tools, and interactive components, ensuring comprehensive learning experience, Corseau at is very core prioritizes smooth learning journeys for students. For anyone who is looking to share knowledge globally, Courseau is your go to choice. It is a versatile platform crafted for instructional creators wanting to create, refine and optimize educational courses. What sets apart Courseau is its user-friendly interface. It empowers users to forge immersive online learning journeys embodying a commitment to substance over style.


  • It offers a template library with numerous templates that users can put to use for minimal work.
  • Features such as learner analytics provide the instructor with detailed analytics as to how the students are doing.
  • Courseau features a range of tools to generate tailor made assessments and tests for students.
  • The system also makes it very easy to integrate a wide variety of multimedia types into the lessons, thus allowing for a more interactive learning experience.


Free trial available;Basic: $99;Enterprise: $299 monthly.

  1. MindSmith

MindSmith offers a streamlined course  authoring tool, enabling customization of learning experiences tailored to specific audiences. Through an intuitive interface, users can effortlessly edit and organize lessons, with the ability to preview their appearance across various devices and platforms. Working in tandem with the AI lesson assistant, the tool aids in overcoming writer’s block and enhancing efficiency. Sharing lessons with learners is made simple by Mindsmith.ai, offering multiple options such as links, SMS, email, or embedding on websites or apps. Additionally, detailed lesson statistics and analytics allow instructors to monitor learner completion and performance, including metrics such as lesson access, duration, question accuracy, and more.


  • Mindsmith offers a drag-and-drop course builder, enabling users to create courses effortlessly, even without technical skills.
  • The platform provides several interactive elements that can be incorporated into courses to enhance student engagement significantly.
  • AI technology is utilized to deliver insights and feedback on course performance and student learning outcomes.
  • Courses created with Mindsmith are accessible across various platforms, and the platform also offers collaborative features for enhanced teamwork.


Starter: Free; Plus: $20 per month; Professional: $50 per month; Enterprise: Custom pricing.

Table of Comparison

ChatGPT– Facilitates creation of various course content types
– Generates interactive learning tools
– Virtual tutor
Free version available; Plus plan: $20/month
Coursebox– Converts various file formats into lessons
– Automatically grades student work
– Provides AI tutoring capabilities
Basic: Free; Creator yearly: $17; Expert yearly: $42/month; LXP: $1083/month
Perplexity– Interactive content creation system
– Collaboration tools for student collaboration
– Merges with learning management systems
Basic: Free; Professional: $25 per educator; Institutional: Custom pricing
– Multimedia integration
– Assessment tools
– Template library
– Learner analytics
– Easy multimedia integration
Free trial available; Basic: $99/month; Enterprise: $299/month
MindSmith– Drag-and-drop course builder
– Interactive elements for student engagement
– AI insights and feedback
Starter: Free; Plus: $20/month; Professional: $50/month; Enterprise: Custom pricing


Designing course materials can be a daunting challenge for educators of all stripes, be it a dedicated professor, seasoned tutor or a corporate tutor with immense experience. The task doesn’t end there; the creation of tests and quizzes adds another layer of complexity. As an educator remarks, “Designing courses is like painting a canvas; it requires creativity, patience, and attention to detail.” Another comments, “It’s akin to weaving a tapestry of knowledge, carefully intertwining concepts to create a coherent narrative.” Yet, amidst these challenges, innovative tools like Courseau and Mindsmith.ai provide educators with the means to navigate this intricate process with greater ease and efficiency. With their intuitive interfaces and AI-driven features, educators can now transform the arduous task of course creation into a more manageable endeavor, ultimately enhancing the learning experience for their students. As one educator exclaimed, “With these tools at our disposal, we can truly unlock the potential of education, one lesson at a time.”

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