Hume AI’s Emotionally Intelligent Conversational AI- EVI

The chatbot from Hume AI has the ability to understand human emotions and provide responses that show empathy


Artificial Intelligence is doing amazing things! It can now turn text into images using DALL-E and even make entire videos with Sora. Some people are using AI to create companions, like the chatbot Pi from Inflection AI, which is smart and friendly.

Hume, a research lab and tech company in New York, has introduced what they call the ‘first conversational AI with emotional intelligence’.

Explaining AI with emotional intelligence

An AI with emotional intelligence is like a smart assistant that not only follows commands but also understands how you feel and what you mean when you speak. Hume’s new AI voice interface is working on creating this kind of empathic AI. They say it could help improve people’s well-being. They’re developing a way for the AI to interpret emotions and respond in an empathetic way. An API is like a connection that lets one software talk to another. So, Hume’s API would let their empathic AI work with other software.

Hume’s AI isn’t just one app. In fact, it can work with many apps. They call their tech Empathic Voice Interface (EVI). It’s like a tool that other apps can use. EVI uses their special large language model (eLLM). This eLLM can understand and copy how people talk, like tone and which words are important. This helps make talking to AI more natural.

How to use it?

Hume’s conversational AI technology stands out for how well it can work with other programs, not just on its own. It’s not just a single app; it can be integrated into many different things. This could change a lot of industries by making apps that can interact more like humans. For example, we might have AI assistants that talk like people, customer service agents that feel more natural to talk to, and therapists who can understand us better. There’s also a guide available for anyone who wants to use this technology.

Where is it accessible?

Interacting with Hume’s demo is quite simple. Just go to their website,, and if you’re using a laptop, allow microphone access. Then, start talking. You can speak naturally, and the AI will respond. It will also show your tone and emotions on-screen. Remember not to share personal or sensitive information.

As per reports, AI has a sense of humor and can match your tone, making the interaction fun. Although not perfect, it can accurately sense emotions most of the time and sounds almost like a real person.

About Hume AI

The company thinks its job is to make sure that AI helps people and makes them feel good. It’s called Hume AI, named after David Hume, a philosopher who said that emotions are important for making choices and feeling good. Hume AI believes that AI should consider our emotions when making decisions, to better serve us.

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