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LinkedIn, the go-to platform for professionals, is quietly testing a new way to help small and medium businesses boost their online presence. TechCrunch reports that LinkedIn is working on a new subscription service called LinkedIn Premium Company Page. This service, which could cost around $99 per month, includes AI-powered content writing and tools to increase follower counts and enhance company profiles.

This move is significant because it shows how LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, is diversifying its business model and aiming to be more useful. Despite its reputation for being a platform for shameless self-promotion and data collection, LinkedIn is trying to change the narrative and become a more valuable resource for professionals.

Whether you’re a LinkedIn pro or just getting started, this development could change how businesses use the platform. Keep an eye out for updates as LinkedIn continues to evolve.

LinkedIn’s Prime Opportunity

LinkedIn is in a unique position right now. While other social platforms are going through a lot of changes and facing issues like misinformation, LinkedIn is trying to create a safer and more professional space. They’ve quietly introduced a new Premium Company Page, which didn’t get much attention at first. But now, TechCrunch has confirmed the details. This could be a game-changer for LinkedIn, offering a more secure and reliable platform for professionals and prosumers.

“We’re always exploring new ways to enhance our customers’ experience and assist them in achieving their business goals. Currently, we’re testing a new offering with small-to-medium business customers, called Premium Company Page, which is designed to help them attract customers, build credibility, and stand out to their audience. We look forward to sharing more soon,” said Suzi Owens, senior director of communications at LinkedIn, in a statement.

Pricing & Features

Pricing for premium company pages isn’t something LinkedIn reveals upfront, but it seems that page admins who qualify can access this information. According to a marketing consultant, the fees for these premium pages start at $99.99 per month per Page, with a reduced rate of $839.88 per Page for an annual subscription.

This new premium company page joins a series of premium offerings designed for organizations on LinkedIn, aligning with the various usage and pricing tiers already in place for individuals and recruiters on the platform.

LinkedIn’s premium services are a significant revenue driver for the company. In March, it was announced that Premium user subscriptions had grown 25% year-on-year to $1.7 billion in 2023. Overall, LinkedIn generated $15 billion in revenue that year, with its recruiting business contributing $7 billion to that figure.

The Premium Company Page subscription features are designed to be intuitive for LinkedIn users. Admins can see recent visitors, provided those visitors haven’t disabled the privacy setting (which is on by default). This allows admins to invite visitors to follow the page, regardless of their existing connections. Admins can also include prominent “call to action” buttons with contact or website details, as well as showcase testimonials at the top of their premium pages.

Furthermore, the integration of AI writing assistance into LinkedIn is part of the platform’s broader effort to incorporate more AI features, leveraging Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI, which began last year.

Difference between free LinkedIn and Premium LinkedIn accounts

FeatureBasic (Free)Premium
Find and Reconnect
Profile Viewing
InMail MessagesUnlimitedUnlimited
Saved SearchesUp to 3, with weekly alertsMore than 3, with customized alerts
Premium Career✓ – Helps you get hired and get ahead in your professional life
Premium Business✓ – Helps you get detailed business insights and expand your business
Sales Navigator✓ – Helps you generate leads and build your clientele
Recruiter Lite✓ – Helps you find and hire talent
Premium Company Page✓ – Helps make your Page stand out and convert visitors more efficiently
LinkedIn Learning✓ – Helps you improve your skills and learn new ones
CostFreeVaries (starting at $29.99/month)
Free Trial✓ – One-month free trial available
Additional Features
– Advanced search filters – In-depth analytics – Enhanced messaging capabilities – Access to exclusive LinkedIn events – Insights into salary ranges and applicant insights (Recruiter Lite) – Enhanced branding and customization options for Company Pages

To Summarize the Article

LinkedIn’s Premium Pages offer businesses a range of exclusive features, including the coveted golden badge, which symbolizes verification and credibility. These premium subscriptions, starting at $99.99 per month, provide access to advanced tools for engaging with visitors, showcasing testimonials, and more. As LinkedIn continues to expand its AI integration and premium offerings, these pages represent a valuable opportunity for businesses to enhance their presence on the platform.


What benefits do Premium Company Pages offer?

Premium Company Pages offer a range of benefits, including the ability to see recent visitors, showcase testimonials, create prominent call-to-action buttons, and access advanced analytics.

How much does a Premium Company Page subscription cost?

Pricing for Premium Company Pages starts at $99.99 per month per Page, with a reduced rate of $839.88 per Page for an annual subscription.

Are there any limitations to the features available on Premium Company Pages?

Some features, such as viewing recent visitors, are dependent on visitor privacy settings. Additionally, certain features may require manual setup and management by Page admins.

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