An insight to the Crypto World with Eugene Abungana


We had the privilege of conducting an interview with Eugene Abungana, a seasoned content writer, who possess a passion for the world of cryptocurrency and its continuous evolution.

What first drew you to the world of cryptocurrency?

I cherish my privacy above all else. I was quite interested in the concept of a censorship-resistant currency, so I started reading more about it. As a trader, I found out that there existed a significant clash between digital coins and traditional financial systems. This implied volatility to me, and I naturally saw fantastic opportunities in that. As I spent more time in the industry, I came to understand that crypto was about more than just finding trading opportunities. There were other benefits such as anonymous transactions, lightning fast payments and what was more interesting is that I could get all these at insignificant costs. It was intriguing how blockchains, like Ethereum, carried the ability to provide a fully decentralized computing environment. Lastly, I’ve played video games in my free time ever since I was a kid. So, I was curious after seeing how blockchain and cryptocurrencies started intertwining with gaming. This is perhaps what led me into crypto gambling.

How do you see cryptocurrency adoption playing out on a global scale?

Crypto adoption is an ongoing process that’s gaining momentum gradually. I see increased adoption of digital coins and related products in the coming years, as the technology behind them continues to evolve. We are witnessing interesting days where some of the most influential government bodies including the US and European Union have realized that they cannot do without digital coins in the economy. For example, the Eurozone is on the brink of going full throttle after recently approving the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA), a regulatory framework for blockchain and crypto products. Russia and Iran are already on the path to a Gold backed stablecoin. The US, India, and by influence other governments worldwide will soon be taking this path too.

There’s widespread awareness of what blockchain is, and more people are beginning to grasp the concept of risk and volatility. Following the LUNA and FTX sagas, crypto adoption is likely to focus only on real-world use case projects. Of course, there will be difficulties. As governments push their CBDCs, there is likely to be a standoff involving already-established coins. The US Treasury Department has already proposed a 30% exercise tax on crypto mining power. There may be impending rules that undermine the core crypto tenets, particularly privacy. The market’s reaction to these obstacles will have an impact on the general uptake in the future. So far, one thing is certain: we are rapidly approaching an economic period in which digital money will be inevitably used.

As a passionate member of the crypto community, I believe it is essential to keep up with industry developments. I perform regular research on projects that interest me and keep an eye on significant developments in the crypto world, such as the XRP vs SEC litigation. I study whitepapers, analyze industry statistics, and am constantly learning about new technologies as they emerge. In addition, I follow major influencers and specialists on social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. I also follow certain cryptocurrency projects on social media and even join their Telegram channels.

How do you approach the writing process, from ideation to publication?

I don’t have one specific approach I use in writing. There’s a lot of creativity involved in how I do it, so I tend to pick different styles occasionally. Generally, the entire process of writing a new project would look like this

  • Ideation: Here I brainstorm as I research and generate general guiding ideas. I consider the purpose of the piece and my target audience.
  • Drafting: I then come up with an outline, which I use to create a rough draft. Depending on the complexity of the issue, I could have one to a few drafts. This is just to organize my ideas and pick the most appealing approach.
  • Editing: I then move to the editing stage, which is more of refining my final draft into a clear and succinct document. This is usually the most intense part, as I also check grammar and punctuation, and pay attention to my overall style of writing. I cut off unnecessary info, and ensure there is clarity.
  •  Review Stage: Finally I review the piece to ensure it’s up to standard before publishing.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

To aspiring authors, keep in mind that writing is a skill that requires time and practice to master. My advice is summarized in the following few points:

  • Write on a regular basis; practice makes perfect.
  • Read widely; this is how you acquire fresh ideas, writing styles, and different perspectives.
  • Consider feedback seriously and learn from your failures.
  • Keep it simple; write in a straightforward manner that your audience will like reading.

Can you share any personal or professional goals that you hope to achieve while working for dappGambl?

While working for dappGambl, I aspire to fulfill a number of personal and professional objectives. First and foremost, I want to establish myself as a trustworthy and reputable source of knowledge in the crypto realm. Second, I wish to enhance my writing talents and build a distinct voice that will appeal to readers. I intend to use my position as a crypto writer to educate and inform readers on the potential benefits and risks of cryptocurrency, as well as to promote responsible investing and trading. On a personal level, I spend a portion of my earnings to help less fortunate members of society. This is something I plan to continue doing as a way of being grateful.

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