Meet Binny Sharma: An artist with a vision


Meet the emerging star in the music industry, a talented songwriter and singer who has been captivating audiences with his soulful voice and poignant lyrics. Mr. Binny Sharma has been making waves in the industry with his unique music. With a passion for storytelling and a gift for crafting memorable melodies, Binny has already begun to make a name for himself as a promising young artist to watch. Let’s have a look at his journey so far and explore what makes his music stand out.

Who is Binny Sharma?

Hey, I am Binny Sharma. I am a singer and a songwriter from Gujrat. I keep bouncing between Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Himachal. I love travelling as well. It is something that keeps me busy. There are a couple of projects I have done that include 3 films, and a lot of advertisement jingles. We have a band, and also we travel a lot as well.

How did this journey start?

This journey started a long back. My mom and dad, both are singers and musicians, not professionals. It all started in Bharuch, a city in Gujrat. I used to study there and one of the subjects used to be music. My music teacher found some potential in the things which I was interested in doing. He pushed me more and we ended up doing a lot of things together. This is all how it started in Bharuch and then I got shifted to Ahmedabad and the rest is history. Ahmedabad is a Gujarati city, I did a lot of Gujarati jingles, advertisements the band scene and a lot of that.

Professionally how did this start? What was the first project about?

It started after my 12th standard. One of the singers that used to stay very close to my place, we just bumped into each other and ended up exchanging a few jam scenes and notes and stuff. He just said why don’t you join our band? It was a Gujarati garba band. And, I said why not! I am a non-Gujarati, who had no idea about the Gujarati scene. He gave me 3 cassettes – ‘Kehlaiya 1,2 and 3’. And, he said just ‘isko ratta Maar lo!’ In a week I by-hearted those songs and then I went there and auditioned and this is how it all started. I signed up there for almost a year and a half. Then there is the place in Ahmedabad called Slang. There was Kartik from Maati-Bani playing there I just said I would like to sing. And he allowed and I sang. After that, the owner came out and asked me if I could play the guitar. He asked me to just go, learn guitar and come back and said you can be permanent here. I went back there after two and a half months with about 250 songs prepared.

I was very fortunate that I have been always approached by people who helped me carve this. I was not fully prepared that I wanted to do this forever but I always wanted to do music. And I believe when you put out a thought that when you really want to do things, there will be a lot of people who will come out and help you to get your dream projects and get you to your destination.

Have you ever tried Bollywood?

Yes, I have done 3 movies as a music director. I was in Bombay for a year and a half and did a lot of remixes with a lot of DJs, produced a few, and composed a few.

What can we expect from you in the coming months or years?

There is so much more to see. Last year I took a break as my dad was not well. I just wanted to be with him, take care of him and all of that. This year we are already working on an album. We are already thinking of about 8 songs. This is going to be a complete Rock-Ballet, with a lot of different emotions in it, as a musician, I at least, wanted to touch these emotions. There is a plan for an album, also a few films coming up, and a few projects that I already did and they are in process and might release this year.

Do you believe as an outsider it is difficult to enter into the industry?

It is not difficult if you are talented. Yes, it surely helps if you have connections. When you are an outsider, when you don’t know the industry, you will take a lot of time to understand and in meeting people. You will understand the industry, how it works, and what happens in the industry but when your family background is already in it then you know whom to get in touch with. You already know people, and there are already people who are willing to give you work as well. But obviously, you need to have the talent to sustain it. It is worth but I believe if you are talented then you will be able to crack it.

Who are your biggest musical influences and how they shaped your sound?

There are so many of them. It starts with my dad. He was the biggest one to influence me, my biggest idol. And, I talk about this on various platforms as well. Music is not just the way you sing, not just the kind of songs you made, it is also a culture and a lifestyle. It is also the understanding of life and how you want to go about it. It is about how you perceive music, more than doing music. So, I think in that sense my dad has helped me a lot. In the way of carving things in the life process. Hariharan ji is someone I adore. I think he is one of the most talented singers that we have in the industry. Lucky Ali for his songwriting. KK has been a big influence. Sonu Nigam, I have heard a lot of Gulam Ali, Mehendi Hassan Sahab All of these people. And then I understand where my music comes in and the way I write is very important. For me, the lyrics are very important. And I think because of these musicians I have heard and seen life and the way they have done this song writing, it influences me much more.

What is your NFT collection?

NFT is something that is going to change the way people will see artists. It is a big thing for artists and I think every artist should get into it. When I was doing ‘Aankho se’, the NFT scene was big. At that time I was connecting with many people dealing with Bitcoin and were completely tech guys. That’s when I decided to drop NFTs and I think I am the first one from Gujarat to drop an artist NFT. So, we decided to drop the song trailer as an NFT. And that is beautiful and one of the best things we did.

How was the response for those collections?

The response was very good. We just did 3 of them and it went really well. A lot of regulation parts and things came in. A lot of big news bombing into us. A lot of crypto news, NFT news came in and I took a break after that. But it is beautiful. It all started with these people whom I met at Clubhouse. There is an app called clubhouse and there all these conversations happened we decided and came on board and a few artists created these NFTs and my wife also, she is an artist as well. She is into makeup. So this is what happened and we decided that this is something we have to do. The response was beautiful, and I am glad people are still discussing it. And whenever these crypto conversations happen in Gujrat, ’Aankho se’ is there! I am happy about that, I am happy about the decision we took about dropping the NFT. ‘Kaali Peeli’ is also one of the NFTs that we dropped are basically these taxis that we see in Bombay. And, we knew that Kaali Peeli would not be a road legal. After March, last year we decided to drop this NFT. Because we shot this song in a Kaali Peeli. So the entire song is a story of a taxi driver shot in that ‘kaali Peeli’.

Do you believe Technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence is helping the music industry?

I think it will help in the music industry and I’ll tell you why. I was going through some amazing websites and I wanted to check what that website does. Obviously, there is a lot of information that has been put and that is going to grow over a period of time. I said that I wanted to have a song that has a vibe of that song and has a vibe of this artist and probably this band and a baseline of this band and probably the guitar line of this band. And, in like 30 minutes, I had a song ready. That is what AI is doing. Imagine this whole process for me would take at least 3 or 4 days if everything is going right. Or this process might even take a month. There is a website doing all this in some time. Where the world is going! AI is going to pick up really well. Not even talking about a year or a year and a half, it is going to be even lesser like 2-3 months. Maybe people are already using it and not talking about it. If I had to do this I had to hire a lot of people separately to do all the things. It would be very expensive, and very time taking, because you will continuously discuss the ideas. You can also tweak a little part the way you want and it actually does it for you. I fancy AI too much, specifically ChatGPT. I actually tried and wrote a song. I gave it a situation and asked it to write a song in Hindi with a Valentine’s Day theme. That thing gave me chorus, baseline, etc. It gave me everything. It is just crazy. It is a massive thing!

A piece of advice to the upcoming artists.

It is not about singing, it is not about creating, it is about how to perceive music. If you know how to perceive music right, you will be able to crack anything. You will be able to crack any record label, any rock show, any band, and your relationship with your bandmates. Keep doing what you doing and perceive it right more than doing it right.

We believe Binny Sharma is an artist with a great vision towards music and is someone who sees the art form as a medium for conveying powerful messages and emotions. He understands the transformative power of music and strives to use its platform to create positive change in the world. With a deep understanding of their craft and a clear sense of purpose, he creates music that inspires, uplifts and connects with their audience on a profound level. By pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, they leave a lasting impact on the music industry and pave the way for future generations of artists to follow in their footsteps.  

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