Facebook is Testing LinkedIn-like Prompt Asking Users to Complete their Profile

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Facebook has started prompting some of its users on the desktop version of the website to complete their profile. It’s a new way to encouraging Facebook users to add more information about themselves and improve the targeting options for its advertisements. That’s why now Facebook is testing a new prompt asking users to complete their profile, just like on LinkedIn.
A source close to the company confirmed with TNW that this feature is currently being tested with a small set of users.
One of our fan was surprised to see this message at the top of her Facebook News Feed, below are some screenshots she sent us:

Facebook incompleted Profile 80 percent

It appears that her profile was 80 percent complete, meaning it only need two more piece of additional information, its asked for missing information, then she was informed her profile was 100 percent complete.

Facebook Completed Profile 100 percent

This feature is very similar to what LinkedIn users have been experiencing on their profile for years. The more information a user provides, the larger the percentage. Questions may include some choices which is based on your place and mutual friends. These details include basic information such as birthday, religion, languages, schools, as well as contact information such as phone numbers and address.

These profile details are very highly relevant when it comes to the targeting options present for Facebook marketers. It is in Facebook’s best interest to have more users with a high completion percentage as it creates even more value as a marketing channel.

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Let us know if you’ve seen this prompt on Facebook recently and what you were asked to add. Furthermore, did you add it?
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