Year in Review Back on Facebook for 2013; Get Ready For a Nostalgic Treat

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Facebook ‘Year in Review’, first launched in previous year, which gave us a concise look at the past year through our own updates, spotlighting 20 most important moments.

Yeah, the Year in Review is back on Facebook for 2013. As usual, Facebook has cooked up our most important events to give us a nostalgic surprise. It includes our most popular status updates, photos, life events and even how many new Facebook friends you made and also pages liked in the year 2013.

To see yours year in review, go to your Facebook profile and you’ll see a ‘Year in Review’ box on the left hand side, just under the profile picture. Then, click on “See your 2013 Year in Review. Alternatively you can access it directly by navigating to this url:

Apart from these, in this year, Facebook also shows our friend’s important life events. In this, the social network arrange us a lively page which consist of biggest moments of our friends life. In Friends Year in Review Facebook only shows things they shared with us.

Try out your own Facebook Year in Review and let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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