Facebook Is Running ‘Privacy Checkup’ On Users Profiles

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Facebook wants to confirm whether you’re are on the right privacy settings the way you want -or not, that’s why the social network is came up with a new initiative which lets you review your current privacy selection and making aware of your selected audience.

Today, when I opened Facebook, a popup appeared titled ‘Privacy Checkup‘ which  reads, “Hi Sreedev – Sorry to interrupt. You haven’t changed who can see your posts lately, so we just wanted to make sure you’re sharing this post with the right audience..”. It also provides a space to select the audience for future posts.

Facebook Privay CheckUpIn the ‘Learn More’ link Facebook gave an explanation to why I’m seeing this, “Every time you post on Facebook you can decide who sees what you share. It looks like you haven’t changed who can see your posts in a while, so we’re just checking that your privacy is set the way you want. You’ll still able to change the audience any time you post something”.

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Obviously, the campaign is meant for those people who haven’t changed the privacy selection more often, this would remind them about their selected audience and an option to change it.

Facebook Privacy CheckUpIt is clear that, the social network is trying hard to protect its users privacy. Through these kinds of initiatives users can ensure whether they are selected the right audience for their updates. And also helps to become more privacy aware.

Have you seen these kinds of campaigns? What’s your thoughts?

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