Does Facebook Advertisements Really bring Conversions?

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Business, business is one of the important thingy we all think about. Actually we all need resources to make a living wonderful, but these resources are provided by business peoples. To maintain an eco-system in the world we look into business, develop resources and finally we sell it for a cost. So without business we cannot grab resources and we need them badly to maintain a good life. Business people are more interested in growing their business and grabbing some good amount of sales out of it, they market their product at their best investing a lot of bucks around the local market and even on the world wide web these days.

Internet is growing day by day and companies are concentrating a lot of social media and search engine marketing to increase their sales conversions, basically they invest a lot. Studies say that for a basic marketing campaign companies lose around 30% of the marketing budget, but that’s just an average or if you take the matter of other big companies I should say those companies are losing around 50% of their marketing campaign.If you appoint a good marketer for your company then I swear he can manage to decrease the number around that percentage (%) sign :) . Basically internet marketing is divided into 2.

Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing

According to my experience search engine marketing works like charm, they bring a lot of potential conversions compared to social media marketing. Search engine marketing is a big kit with complete stuffs, you can get leads, sales and everything. Big companies invest more on search engine marketing (SEO) than social media marketing.

So let’s s talk social media marketing guru the “Facebook”. Facebook is the world’s largest social network and marketing on social media king Facebook is indeed a good decision but ” , but , hah but ., exactly you should put some limits to your social media marketing campaign :) .

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertisements also known as Facebook ads is quite famous and 99% of the companies use this. Of course Facebook ads bring good conversions, and the thingy behind it is self explanatory. Facebook has a wide range of users with different kinda interests and Facebook is the only social media which knows the real interest of each and every individual on Facebook, so marketing is more easy on Facebook. You may have seen many ads on your Facebook timeline, and I swear 90% of the ads you see are based on your interest for sure. Facebook’s advertisement algorithms are well developed to increase conversions, even they track your browsing history to show ads based on your interest. So if you see the ads which you like then there is more chance for you to click on that ad and make a purchase, hence the company gets a conversion.”Your Click is Converted into a sale“.

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You may wonder why the hell this author (me) talking about Facebook ads like this and asking to limit the usage of it. Hell yeah I’ll keep on saying “You should limit it” because Facebook ads don’t always generate conversions but search engine do ;) .

You know what, 86% of the users around the globe use social media to take purchase decisions, even on Facebook we can see our friends doing the same, aha even we do the same. But do we concentrate more on social media ads ? or Facebook ads? yes I do, but there is a limit for that. Still I use Google ads a lot.From the last sentence I’m sure you got my point ;) If we are not need of something we don’t always “Facebook it” we “Google it” but we discuss the thingy on Facebook and return to Google to make the purchase. So comparatively Google ads (or Search Engine Marketing) generate more “Sales” than Facebook ads. But Facebook ads can be used actively to generate mass conversions and you can gain a lot of likes, so that you can market your product for free in the future ;) both marketing techniques has advantages but search engine marketing is  ahead of social media marketing. Facebook is good but Google is amazing.

So while making plans regarding your marketing campaign, keep this article in mind else bookmark it :) you can use both, still save a single penny of your marketing budget. Keep calm and read the other articles too because you need to know more about Facebook ;)


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