10 Attractive Tips to Become a Facebook Celebrity

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Facebook is the biggest social media platform available on the world wide web, millions of people are using Facebook daily.You know some of the celebrities around us, like the film actors , play back singers, tech geeks, etc.. But have you ever thought of their power and the attraction they have? They are well treated all the time, they have a huge amount of fans. They show up their talents on their industry and they light up with a power. They are considered as gems and when they walk around the city at least 100s of people will notice him. That’s what we call a “Celebrity”. Celebrities are around us, we also admire them and we get surprised when we get a chance to see them. Have you ever thought of becoming a celebrity? oh yes, may be everyone dreams of becoming celebrity, but how will you become a celebrity? huh it’s kinda too difficult in the real world but it’s easy in the social media world ;) . Suppose if you wanted to become a movie celebrity you’ll be working hard on getting your job done with the film industry but I’m sure it’s not easy as logging into Facebook :) Hell yeah, logging into Facebook and your social media activity can make you feel like a celebrity. Being a Facebook celebrity is different from a celebrity on physical world still you have opportunities.  

10 Tips to Become a Facebook Celebrity

Your Presence : From the beginning to the ending of becoming a Facebook celebrity you need to do some special things carefully with 3 eyes. Yes I mean it, you have to be active on Facebook to become a Facebook celebrity and you have to use your brain and your 3 eyes too. Social Media is a crazy area of shit, if you do good you’re always treated as good, but if you try something weird then the whole world will hate you. It’s too crazy. So be active and start analyzing the people around you.

Post Meaningful Content : You may have seen many friends on your Facebook account posting “Haaii Friends” “Gudzz morning” “Mah lyff” , oh shit F*** F*** I really hate this kinda stuffs. These people are useless shits posting some weird shits. Don’t be like that. Keep calm and post good statuses and good images of yours which reflects a meaning. Use proper English than using AaBb Shits. Meaning makes a difference :)

Images ? :  I asked you to post meaningful stuffs, but be careful that you share good handpicked pictures of yours, because a single selfie can destroy your whole image within your Facebook profile and you know what? your haters are waiting for your weird pics to make it go viral ;) . The best images you share the more your likes is.

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Personality : Your personality is something which you should care the most. Take care of that and keep that in mind all the time when you chat with people or when you put your statuses.

Interaction : Your Interaction within your Facebook friends and followers matter a lot. You may get a lot of messages or a lot of requests or even comments, try to interact with all of them and build a good connection as much as possible, because that can increase your social media power by more than 200%. The more you care, the more they care :) I’m not asking you to reply all the comments and messages still try to interact with them at your best.

Explore Yourself :  Let the happiness and sadness of your life become social, huh excuse me please don’t share your complete activities ” like “Drinking Water with XYZ and YXZ” please no, I’m asking you to share your experiences and happiness and what you love to explore with your friends. Because there are some people waiting to read them.

Likes and Comments : Almost 80% of the Facebook users are interested in Likes and comments, some people fool themselves by purchasing fake likes. Never do that, you have enough time and be patient. Becoming a Facebook celebrity on the next morning is not possible, it takes time and you’ve to wait. Especially you should not care about your likes and comments, on the way it will come don’t worry.

Talents : Social media is a good platform to explore your talents, you can even change your life with those talents and social media. Anything may be you’re interested in, it doesn’t even matter. All you need is patience and the guts to explore your talents, do that.

Carefully Share : Your shares matter the most in this process, share a mass amount of links and pictures can make you a spammer. Prepare some sharing schedules and post with a calmness. Don’t share like you’re spamming :) you must be patient enough.

Be What You Are : Never exhibit any artificial presence of yours on your social media profiles. Be what you’re and be natural with your activities :) This will enhance your social media interaction level and it helps in making a name out of your profile.

Hope that helps with your social media campaign, feel free to ask your doubts at anytime and keep visiting Sociobits :)



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