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As a literate man in a modern society, we all are living in a virtual world. It is clearly noted that we all are internet users and most of us spending at least 20% of our day on internet. In fact, the social networks are the common sites that everyone comes on the internet. We’ve never missed a single day spelling both of those weird words “FB” and “WhatsApp“. We all have Facebook accounts, even some people live and breathe Facebook. Friends are all that matters for us, without friends our life is just a big zero, but what if the friendship is going weird? And that too on social media? Due to the over use and more dependable situations, these sites are becoming a part of our life.  As a good thing we always use these social networks. Some use these sites to show their good appearance and popularity, some use for testing with near ones, some use it for social talk or to build up relationships with strangers, hence they are called “Facebook Celebrities” are you one of them? Huh!

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Why We Engage ? But?

It’s for our friends that we are getting engaged in Facebook. Though we are more interested, we probably depend on these mediums which are easy for building relations. We never realize the reality that when we give importance to people they think that you are always free, but they don’t understand that you make yourself available for them every time. This is one of the main symptoms that we are getting addicted to it. Because of countless friends, we don’t have any time to get off from Facebook. To be precise Facebook is generating an artificial business inside us. In their presence we don’t  care about what’s happening outside, and we are off to  another part of the world.

[quote_center]..they think that you are always free, but They don’t understand that you make yourself available for them every time.[/quote_center]

Le* me Control

So we have to control our self by managing our friends on Facebook. We have to believe our self that Facebook is a place for building relation with our acquaintances and not to have a pleasure chatting with strangers. It is too difficult to decrease friends with a single day. If you are too addicted, you can’t even think of it.  Most probably we are trying to be free for others.  We never bother about where all these gonna end. So it’s  time to realize and bring back yourself to your normal world. Try yourself to be something in your society, not be something special for an individual. There are no specific medicinal treatments to get you back from your today’s condition. However your decisions are the best medicine for it.

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At first, start controlling from your Facebook friends itself. It is too hard for our humanity to unfriend them from our account without having any proper reasons. May be our friends get hurted by what we’ve  done with them. So it takes little long to control our self by controlling them.

Settings Not Equal to Heart

Facebook Friend Requests Privacy SettingsFirst of all, just take a brief look into your friend list and check who all are your friends. Check out mutual friends of the persons that you know well. Unfollow the peoples that you don’t need to get any notifications from . Keep your friend request privacy from ‘EVERYONE’ to ‘FRIENDS OF FRIENDS’, so that you’ll get request only from those buddies in your friends’ friends list. Just turn off chat for those you don’t like to chat with. Let this continue for a month. After that you itself realize the change that happened to you. You will automatically find a way to remove them completely and your mind will be ready for it.

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If you so much busy, you’ll not have enough time to analyze your all Facebook friends and unfollow them one by one. Here there is a very good way for those peoples. Just create another account with your dear ones, and spend time with them using your new account. As days passes you’ll automatically forget about the old one. If you are bothering about your likes and popularity, then first method is practical for you. But if you want to be something in your life, second method is more useful for you. Managing your friends in a weird way always sucks, yes we all need likes and we all love that, even some are addicted to that, still our control can make some good changes to become a good one in the society.Facebook Unfriend Option

If you can’t think about those things, at least be safe.You may not be aware of Facebook attacks but there are some terms like that. It may hurt you, may change your life, even it make you try the taste of suicide. Keep in mind you’re not born to kill your life for social media website and if you’re dead because of that keep in mind the CEO Mark Zuckerburg don’t give a shit to it.


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