Facebook Now Lets You Add More Alternative Names

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Facebook just added the ability to list multiple alternative names on users account. Previously users could associate only one another name with their account.

Now, Facebook lets you add and display more alternative names on your profile, means you can now add your Nick Name, Maiden Name, Alternative Spelling, Married Name, Father’s Name, Birth Name, Former Name,  Name with Title etc. These names always will be Public, and will be shown in ‘Details about You’ section under ‘Other Names’ head. But you can display only one other name next to primary name which will appear in a parentheses.

Facebook Now Lets You Add More Alternative Names

Here’s how to add more names on your Facebook profile:

  1. Head over to your ‘About‘ section
  2. Then click on ‘Details about You‘ head
  3. Under ‘Other Names‘, click on the link ‘Add a nickname, a birth name…
  4. Select the type of name from the dropdown menu next to ‘Name Type’
  5. Enter your other name
  6. Tick the box ‘Show at top of profile‘ if you want to display that name next to your primary name, then click ‘Save Changes’.

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Readers: Have you added your alternative name on Facebook yet?

Top image: YouthVoices.net 

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