5 Good Karma To Do On Facebook Right Now

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Facebook is the world’s most popular and effective Social Networking medium of all. And if you’re reading this right now, you’re probably a Facebook user. You use it to connect with your friends, market your business and to stay updated about what’s happening around you. And the rest of the possibilities that Facebook hold goes on through an infinite sky.

But, why don’t you break the rules and try out something new? Facebook’s flexibility lets you do many more things. And, if you wish to take some time off your regular online routine and do some Good Karma, continue reading this post.

Earlier last month, I wrote a post about some Wonderful Things to Do on Facebook. But in this post, I’ll talk about how to do some actions that’ll be helpful for other people too. Networking is all about being a Social Animal.

1) Send Message To Your Loved Ones.

Just like you connected with your old pals (in the last post), now, it’s time to speak to your loved ones. They can be your girlfriend/boyfriend, family, best friend forever or anyone whom you’d like to be with right now. Just send a hi and wait for them to reply. Then keep the conversation going.

Not just that doing this will give you a good time, but also will let them know that you care. Ask them how they are doing, what’s happening around and so. If possible, you could also setup a meeting or plan to hangout with them.

Whenever you find yourself busy scrolling down the news feed without a reason, try doing this.

2) Share Discount Deals on your Wall.

Many researches on Product Marketing and Online Purchases says that the major portion of products brought online are the conversions made through Social Media. In fact, most of these purchases made through the Social Media are deals which have discounts or offers with them.

Who wouldn’t love to save some money on purchases, right? Well, I do. And probably all those people out there does too. So, why don’t you be the good Samaritan of the day and help some people to get through some deals?

You can do this by finding discount or offer deals from online shopping websites and sharing them through your Facebook feed. Just grab the link and post it on Facebook. You could also tag some of your friends if you would like to let them know about it for sure.

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DealPursue is a marketplace that lets you find the best deals and coupon codes for online purchases. I highly recommend this website for finding yourself some best deals. There’s almost every products from Home appliances to Electrical Gadgets in the marketplace. Find a great deal and share it on Facebook.

I’m happy that I’ve helped a bunch of people to save money and find some super cool deals through Facebook. It’s time for you to do the same.

3) Reply to Messages.

I’m pretty sure that you have at least a dozen of messages in your inbox to which you’vent sent a reply yet. A good communication system works on two direction. And I bet you wouldn’t want to be a total jerk who doesn’t reply to messages and break that system.

There will be messages which you haven’t seen or which you thought you’d reply later. Go and find them. And send a message back. And when you do, apologize them for not replying on time and tell them what happened. A reasonable excuse always works. Trust me, even you’ll feel happy to reply them. Then go on with the conversation if you can.

4) Engage on Posts.

Would you love to see other people liking, commenting and sharing your post. I’m 100% sure that you do. Who wouldn’t, right? Well, everyone does. Social Networking is all about being Social and Networking through the community.

And if you don’t interact with the other people on the community, you’re not a social being. So, why don’t you engage on the other posts instead of just skimming through your feeds?

Find posts that other people shared or posted that comes under your interest. If you like them, hit the like button. If you got something to say about it or want to let them know about your opinion, drop a comment. Or, if you think it’s a great post and would like your other friends to know about it, share it. This not only helps the person who posted it, but promoting good content also helps the other people who sees it.

5) Write a useful Post.

Would you rather the be the guy on the stealth mode who just reads and engages on the good content or the super cool social media guy who creates the good content? I will choose the second option, you will too, right?

If you think you got some good ideas, quotes or information that would be helpful to other people or which might come under their interest, post it on Facebook.

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Your Facebook wall is for you to scratch on it, not just for scrolling down. Write down your thoughts and even anything. And when you start to see the engagements coming right to these posts, you’ll get a goose bump.

The internet is full of both useful and nonsense content. And if you think can filter through them and find the best content, you can also share it with your network. You just need to grab the link and post it. Tadaa!

Thanks a lot for reading this post. Remember, you could always be just another guy who sits and do nothing on the Social Media or you could be the guy who everyone wants to connect it. It’s all up to you.

Good luck.


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