Do You Know How To Use StumbleUpon Effectively?

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“Want to discover new and interesting stuff on the web. Tell what you like and we will introduce you to amazing web pages, videos, photos and more you wouldn’t have found on your own.” This is what exactly StumbleUpon does.

In simple words it is, “the whole of the net in one place, it is a map to the world of web.” Now, when you have this sort of application and you are not able to use it, isn’t it a bad idea? Here is all what you need to know about how to use StumbleUpon efficiently.


1. Create An Profile

First step is to create an account on StumbleUpon. All you need to do is, fill in your details just as you do for your Facebook account and sign in.You can log in through your Facebook account too. Then select the categories of your interest which, you would like to stumble upon. Enter all the details carefully. And mind you StumbleUpon has got a wide range of categories ranging from Arts to Science and Nature to Fiction.

2. Stumble DNA

One thing which will sure catch your attention is this, Stumble DNA. Now what is this Stumble DNA? Well, this is a feature which makes StumbleUpon a lot more sought for website.

About StumbleDNA

It is a synopsis of your stumbling interests. Every preferred interest of yours is assigned a specific color. Then there is this line which represents all the colors. The color, which takes the maximum width is your most favorite area of interest. Each page you like makes up your Stumble DNA  Thus, presents your interests in a nutshell.

3. Interests

Now that you know there are a wide range of interests and you need to select them at the beginning of making of your profile. But, what if you want to add some or remove some areas of your interests? Here is all you need to do.

Add Interests

  1. Go to Follow Page on your secondary white toolbar.
  2. Select the interest tab.
  3. Browse through all the available interests.
  4. Click the ‘Follow’ link below.
  5. You can also click on the ‘Add Interest’ Button on your home screen.

Stop Following Interests

  1. Go to your Profile page.
  2. Go to interest tab.
  3. Change the Following icon to unfollow.

You can make use of the Explore Box to Follow or Unfollow a specific area of your interest.

4. Primary Features

Once you start your StumbleUpon account, it might seem something similar to your Pinterest. It is a medium to connect and discuss with people around and also to widen your knowledge about your preferred search. It has two toolbars first we will see what the Gray toolbar consists of.

  • Stumble
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The stumble key is present on the top of your page. By clicking this icon you can stumble through your various areas of interests. The stumbling can be done not only by this stumble icon but from many other places from your profile your friend’s profile too.

Particular Area of Interest: To stumble on a particular or area of interest, click on the stumble mode button on your Stumble Bar and select an interest. Or you can go to your Profile page, click your interest tab and then pick an interest to stumble.

Add A Page: If you know of a blog or a website which could be famous on the StumbleUpon community you can add it. Click on the drop menu next to your profile picture and select ‘Add a Page.’

  • Like

You can like a page by hitting the thumbs up or the ‘like it’ button on your top Gray toolbar. This means that, you like such pages and would want more of it. All the pages you have liked will be shown on the default view of your Profile page.

  • Plus Sign

It helps you add a page to stumble, to your existing list or you can also create a new list. It is one of the features which helps you to make your stuff organised and discoverable at a particular place.

  • Dislike

Like what you see for YouTube videos, the dislike button; the thumbs down, is available on StumbleUpon. You can dislike the pages you found unworthy to be presented. You can also give a reason as to why, you didn’t like the page.

  • Facebook

You can share the content directly on your Facebook account by, clicking on this icon. This option always displays when you like a page too.

  • Share

The share icon lets you add a personal message of up to 144 characters and share what you would like on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, emails and others. You can also share through your StumbleUpon account. Here are some of the most shared links on StumbleUpon.

  • Comment

This bubble icon helps you view all the comments about the page you are viewing. It gives you knowledge about the user feedback. You can also add your own comments and personal tags.

  • Recommended

This option gives you the choice to choose what to stumble. Using this, you can also stumble through recent activities of people or the posts that are most trending on StumbleUpon. It is like StumbleUpon at it’s best.

  • Notifications

Just as what you get for your Facebook, a notification panel which tells you if you have anything pending which you should see, like this. These consist messages, pending shares or updates. It will show up as an orange number.

  • Home

This home icon helps you go back to your home page in just one click.

  • Settings

This helps you manage your account and your privacy. To navigate through your Profile page, Help Centre, Settings and to sign out of your account. Refer to this for more information.

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5. Secondary Features

  • Home

It has the same as discussed above for the home icon on the Gray toolbar.

  • Profile

From your Profile page you will be able to access:

1.Likes: All the pages that you have liked will be found all at one place here. Click here to see some of the most liked pages on StumbleUpon.

2. Lists: You can access both the lists you have created and the one you are following from here. You can edit or delete a list by clicking on the pencil icon in the bottom. Here is how your StumbleUpon list looks like.

3. Comments: This will have any comment which you have shared on StumbleUpon. You can edit or delete them from here.

4. History: Here you will find the collection of pages which you have directly stumbled. You can’t delete your history. However it is private and only you can have access to it.

5.Follow: It consists in itself two divisions, following and followers. You can follow and unfollow anyone at any time.

FOLLOWING- The people whom you follow. It affects the content that appears in your recommended list and you activity blog.

FOLLOWERS- These are those people who have chosen to follow you. If your followers likes what you stumble and share then, it increases your popularity among the web.

6. Channels: It was added so that you could stumble upon particular websites, people and brands in addition to your current interests.

How to find Friends On StumbleUpon

There is a special tool to follow people already in your contacts. You can also make use of the StumbleUpon Discover page to find recommended stumblers.

StumbleUpon helps you to make friends.

In brief, StumbleUpon is a great website for getting all you need about a particular or various fields of your concern, accumulated all under one website and works in an organised manner.



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