HubPages, The Money Making Potential Source Review

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In the digital world where blogging and article writing has become the new trend HubPages are becoming popular day by day. HubPages are  basically where the writers from all over the world provide information through their articles.

According to wikipedia ‘HubPage is a user generated content revenue-sharing website’.


What is HubPages?

Here the user can write on any topic that he is interested in. You just have to choose a topic, research well, gather the information and write. Be it a housewife, student or a businessman, if you can put your creative thoughts into words then HubPage is here to welcome you.

Developed by Jay Reitz, Paul Derds and Paul Edmonson HubPages have millions of users all over the world.

Before going futher into what HubPages are let us look into some of the terms dealing with it


Hub refers to the content of the HubPages. The user can write hubs on any topic that they are interested in. The content should be useful, creative and unique with at least 1150 words. The hubs should be supported with images, videos, graphs, maps, links or tables.


Hubber refers to the HubPage user. By logging into HubPage you can belong to this category. Apart from creating hubs, hubbers can also interact with each other by asking questions, answering them, ┬áreading others’ hubs, commenting on it, correcting each other and making friends.


Hubscores are the scores assigned to each hubs or individual pages indicating how active you are or how good your hubs are


Hubtool is a toolbar that helps you to create, edit and publish a hub. This really is a game changer.

How to get started?

If you want to be a hubber, all you have to do is sign up. After signing up, upload your picture and complete your profile. After the basic steps you will be provided with a link.

Clicking on this on this link will direct you to the hubtool. Here you need to provide the information about the hub which you are going to write and keep the platform ready.

The next step is to create the hub. As mentioned earlier your hub should contain authentic information and should be supported with videos, images, graphs, links etc

Once you are completed with your hub it will be reviewed by the HubaPage administers. If the hub is original and useful then it gets published.


It is not that all hubbers get paid but if your content is worth it then you can earn through HubPage. For this, your hubs should be good enough to generate more traffic to the site.

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How do you get paid?

HubPage displays add on your hubs. The payment is in 60:40 ratio. You get 60 percent of the revenue through adds while the site keeps the 40 percent. The payment takes place only through Paypal.

HubPages can also be used to promote your online blogs. By creating topics that relates to your main blog and linking it for futher reference you can give coverage to your main blog.

Make sure that the content is just related and is not the same as the main blog. But for links to be included in your hubs you should first have a hubscore of 75 or above.

HubPage is the right platform if you do not want to restrict your writing into just one idea. Here you have the opportunity to write many hubs which would be regarded as individual pages.

So when are you planning to get started?


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HubPages is a user generated content, revenue-sharing website. This brilliant blogging platform is totally free to join and lets you reach out to a wider audience, while making money.HubPages, The Money Making Potential Source Review