Why It’s Beneficial and How To Do Social Media Invitations

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Want to send invitation for the launch of your new multinational or your mom and dad’s 25th anniversary? This is second to none. Now what is this “this”? “This”, is your own social media, your fairy godfather or the good Samaritan.

Be it a small family function or the big grand opening ceremony of your very own business enterprise, invitations play a significant role in making your event a success. This is only through these invitations that, people become a part of your program to make it come out in flying colors.

Firstly, what is social media invitation?

It is way of communicating about your event or venture through the social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc. to a large audience at a cheaper rate.

5 Reasons Why Use A Social Website For Invitation?

Well, by the definition itself you might have guessed, this mode of announcement is far more efficient in helping you to make it to your mission i.e. reach all your target show-goers within a minimum time and budget.

Of course, you save on stamps and trees but, there are many more reasons, that will give you the whole idea of this concept of social media invitation.

  • It helps you reel off events like, organizing festivals, performances, fund raisers, conferences, parties, retreats or workshops in record time.
  • It helps you customize your event page and create a mood of the event through the page. Thus creating in the minds of the viewers, a sense to feel the atmosphere of the event.
  • If the programs involve money transactions, these online pages make your journey a plain sail. These sites help you collect money with credit cards, using websites like PayPal and others.
  • You can manage the selling of the tickets for your programs thus, helping you keep a track of the progress of the event.
  • You can reach a significant number of people in a really insignificant time.

Okay, these were the reasons why you should invest your time and money  a little amount) into the social media invitations.

6 Ways How To Go About It. 

  1. Firstly, you need to know the objective of your event and your target people. Is your event for awareness or for some jovial beach side get together, is it a professional one or the casual one.
  2. Enlist your protocols clearly and raise your profile keeping the aforementioned in mind.
  3. Now comes the main thing comes on how to design the page? There are numerous sites which help you create the invitations like, evenbrite, evite, punchbowl, etc. thus, supporting you with all the essentials for your invitation.
  4. Facebook pages or Facebook events are a great impact on the people, they encourage people to give views and also suggest ideas. This makes them feel themselves already being a part of the event.
  5. Add social share buttons to your event registration page and encourage the attendees to share the page so that it reaches maximum number of people.
  6. As transactions can be made easily through these sites, it makes events for fundraising and donation a cake walk. But what we generally forget is to acknowledge the support, thus it becomes our obligation to attest to them.

This is the place for your ostentatious conceptions to turn into a winsome reality!

So now, what are you waiting for? Don’t you have enough reasons and ways to post your next invitation on the social media!

Image Credits : orangenergy.com
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