Become A Social Media Superhero with Real Presence?

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What if I tell you that I can make you a powerful superhero? Would you believe me? Of course not! Wait, let me make it a little more clear. I am not talking about that superhero who keeps shouting stupid lines and flying around in colorful weird costumes, but a viral superhero.

You still doubt whether it is possible?

From a zero to hero

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber – The Kid who went viral over the internet

How many of you love hearing Justin Bieber’s songs? Almost everybody. Any idea where this amazing talent was discovered?He was discovered on YouTube when Usher Raymud spotted him and gave him a chance. Today Justin Bieber has over 60 million followers on twitter. He is one of the most famous star Hollywood has ever seen.

Did you ever think that a few exercising tips could transform a person from to zero to hero? If not, then here you go

Joanna Rohrback

She upload her workout video on youtube on december 2012. This inspired so many people that it went viral, from just 10000 to more than 2.7million views in a week and she became the viral superhero.

Shocked? Wait, there is more to come.

His parents never thought when they uploaded their 6 year old playing drums, would make him an overnight star. The video of Avery Moleh ended up catching people’s attention and thus converting him to a ‘social hero’.

The entry of a ‘kitchen singer’

Chandralekha was a small town lady from a poor background. Her fortune changed when a video of her singing was uploaded on YouTube. With over 400000 subscribers she ended up being a playback singer.

From a hero to a superhero

If I say that Barack Obama is the most famous politician today then I don’t think anybody would disagree? His immense fame is due to his decision to turn to social media to increase his popularity and the efficiency of his government.

So, when are you planning to get into this list?

If you are interested, then here are a few tips

First and foremost choose your platform

It can be YouTube, Facebook, tumblr or twitter or any other site. If it is YouTube aim for a good video, Facebook would prefer a great page with a unique and original personality behind it and twitter would get you famous easily with lots of tweets.

Next step; how do you see fame as?

 Do you want yourself to be recognized as a great personality or in more depth like a fashion photographer? Are you aiming at money or just being famous?

After answering these questions its time to create. Create something that would be viral and trending. It shouldn’t take a break from being shared.

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Create the brand ‘you’, publicize yourself. Get spotted and transported through social media.

 Be consistent. Being famous can take a lot of effort, you have to have the impending desire to become famous and for that you must work consistently with dedication.

So what are you waiting for? Fame is knocking at your door, you just have to keep the door wide open to let it in.

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