Facebook Experimenting “Watch Later” Button For Videos

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Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms on the web ever, has officially confirmed addition of a Watch Later tab to all its videos that run on desktops. In case you still have not seen it, hunt around on the upper right-hand corner of the videos as you scroll over or around it. This seems like a page from You Tube’s feature that allows logged in users to see a video later by saving it. Facebook receives close to 4 billion video views on a daily basis and therefore, it has naturally taken to upping the convenience quotient here.

Facebook Watch Later Button
Image: TechCrunch

Facebook’s Watch Later has been announced right after one year since we saw the launch of Save tab here. This feature allowed users to tag media or article links so that they could be looked up later. All stuff under Watch Later and Save automatically gets stored on your Saved” folder. You may access the later on the left hand corner of the desktop or even under More menu option that appears on your smartphone.

The announcement and launch of Watch Later makes saving video links less cumbersome. Earlier there were wide arrays of navigation, accessibility and the like involved when you saved the video under Save. Now all you do is click on Watch Later. Perhaps Facebook is competing with YouTube given that the latter is a market leader in the video-watching segment.

Facebook has great repute for data gathering. In this context, analysts opine that the latest feature for videos could be an easy way to access information about users such as the kind of content that sees more saves and the like. In a confirmation to TechCrunch, Facebook said a yes to testing the button on Tuesday but we are not sure if this feature will find permanence like it has found prominence.

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