How to Recover a Hacked YouTube Account or Channel

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Cybercriminals are very smart today, and they can steal all your personal information and accounts. If you want to keep your channel from being hacked on Youtube, you absolutely have to take precautions. Make sure you take all the necessary precautions. The following steps can help you recover your YouTube channel if it has already been hacked. 

If you discover that your channel or account has been hacked, do not panic and take immediate action. Share this information on your social media platforms. This will ensure that if the hacker uses it for wicked intentions, your followers already know that they don’t have to fall for the trap.

You can reach Google and YouTube via Twitter and Instagram, and ask them for help.

In the process of changing the password, it is always a good idea to always make sure that the new password is completely different from the old one. This will prevent the hacker from guessing the password and hacking again. With a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, your password will be more secure. You should include both uppercase and lowercase letters in your password.

When your channel has been hacked, you have to report about the hacked as soon as possible in order to get the channel back. This step is also important to remember if your channel has been hacked. Primarily, Click “Get Support” in the top right corner of the YouTube support page in a web browser. Afterwards, select Get help with a hijacked account on the channel access issue page. After that, follow the steps that the pop up shows to retrieve your YouTube account. 

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