AI artists are now using text-to-image generators to create the perfect woman

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Everyone loves to experiment with new technology and lately everyone’s favorite tool on the internet has been Artificial Intelligence text-to-image generators. While everyone innocently used these generators to create memes and extremely hilarious images of “Jesus Christ Break Dancing”, they still do; but the internet has started to fuel these tools with their dirty fantasies.

It’s not very surprising that you give the human mind a tool that says it can generate any image that it can think of. I can imagine some of the wildest images seeing the light of the day but thank you to filters and blocks that prevent people from entering specific words, we don’t have to see those images. Now, it has come to the point where it’s not simply about creating porn or seeing girls naked. To do that, the text-to-image porn generator, offers you a catalog of options to choose from. You can see for yourself by just visiting their website and choosing the tags that will let you create your “perfect woman”. While generating porn and its risks is altogether a different matter, people are now looking for THE PERFECT WOMAN. The epitome of beauty. The perfect combination of “Sofia Vergara, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Charlize Theron”.

The Elaborate Text Prompts

As pointed out by Rolling Stone, in order to create the perfect woman of his taste, one user kept tweaking his prompts for around four hours. It is extremely interesting to see how specific this person’s taste in women is. The specifications like “unbuttoned black demicup pushup bra”, “gartered fishnet hose”, and “nice muscular legs” could only generate this output. Explains why he moves on to changing his text prompt to, “strong brave woman in the jungle”.

Users have been entering ultra-specific text prompts that include the setting, face structure, body type, cloth type, etc. And in order to be cautious that they get their desired results, many have used celebrities as the base to build on their perfect woman. A user named Hirmen explained in the Discord chat of the text-to-image generator Stable Diffusion that most of his works have been inspired by Christina Hendricks. Christina Hendricks + “your vivid imagination” like, “Beautiful Slavic Goddess” or “Clown Girl, with fit thick hourglass body, with huge chest, with flat belly, red nose, in skin-tight clothing.” This certainly works for Hirmen. Alternatively, you can also use a personality’s face with the desired clothing or body type, I think you know how it works. People have also used multiple celebrity text prompts to get the “GODDESS” that they are looking for.

Image Credits: Rolling Stone

Certain text-to-image generators like Craiyon (previously DALL-E Mini), which by the way has been developed on a much smaller scale, had received an entry, “a dinosaur having sex with a human.” This is also because the model doesn’t block such prompts and the image generations are also average. But the interesting thing to see here is that people have also used Craiyon to generate “beautiful girls Naked with long hair and cute face and blue eyes in a space detailed landscape of galaxy and other planets”

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Nobody can ever truly imagine to what extent people can use technology and tools to satisfy their kinks and fantasies. While the perfect woman is different for every single person, they have been kind enough to suggest ways that help other people generate their perfect woman.

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