Top 10 Generative AI Courses to Boost Your Skills


Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. In today’s day and age, product designers, marketers, and even engineers can make use of generative AI. Although generative AI was introduced in the 1960s through Chatbots, it was only able to seamlessly produce texts and images in 2014. This was possible with something called generative adversarial networks, or GANs.

With the sudden boom in AI, professionals from all fields are equipping themselves with high-end skills in using generative AI. That is why we have curated a list of high-end courses taught by industry experts. In this blog, we will talk about the top 10 generative AI courses that will help you boost your skills.

1. Andrew Ng’s “Deep Learning Specialisation” on Coursera

The Deep Learning Specialisation course is one of the most sought-after Machine Learning courses on the internet. It focuses on Neural Networks and teaches you how to structure Deep Learning projects. Apart from that the course also instructs students on how to create progressive Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition networks. The deep learning specialization course also emphasizes on building deep learning architecture and deep learning optimization. The entire syllabus is divided into five different courses. Each course takes up to 3-4 weeks to complete. Of course, this depends on the person’s ability to grasp. This course is highly recommended to anyone who wants to upgrade their skills by venturing into the field of artificial intelligence.

2. The University of Washington’s “Advanced Topics in Conversational AI” course on edX

Just as the name suggests, the Advanced Topics in Conversational AI course focuses on building advanced conversational AI. Taught by experts in the field of AI, this course covers an array of topics. From dialogue management to language generation, and everything in between. The syllabus also includes high-end approaches and research in the field of AI. Through this course, participants have the added advantage of learning through projects and hands-on assignments. This enables participants to delve into the practical experience of developing high-tech conversational AI structures. It is one of the best courses for individuals willing to venture into developing conversational AI.

3. Deep Learning’s “Applied AI with DeepLearning.AI”

A high-tech online program called Deeplearning.AI provides a series of courses on AI. Topics like natural language processing, reinforcement learning, and computer vision, are covered in this program. These courses are taught by leading experts in the field of AI. Participants are provided with practical projects and coding exercises. By working on practical projects, individuals get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. When looking for generative AI courses, ideally participants choose one that helps them gain insights through projects and exercises.

4. “Generative Deep Learning” by David Foster

The intensive course in AI explores topics such as VAEs, autoregressive models, and GANs. Along with these, it also offers a variety of generative applications, that include text generation, image synthesis, and music composition. In order to become well-versed in generative AI, it is vital for participants to have hands-on experience which is exactly what this program offers. This program effectively teaches participants how to effectively train and implement generative models. Individuals who are looking to up their generative AI skills should explore the contents of this course. 

5. Stanford University’s “Generative Models”

Stanford University has released a comprehensive lecture series that provides an in-depth overview of generative models. This series is led by renowned Stanford professors, who introduce participants to an array of generative models. The model includes variational autoencoders, deep autoregressive models, generative adversarial networks (GANs), and graphical models. Image generation, text generation, and other generative AI topics are covered in this series of YouTube videos. By engaging in practical implementations and theoretical concepts participants. The course brings together both practical and theoretical concepts in an immersive learning experience. 

6. “Deep Generative Models” by the University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam explains detailed generative models like variational autoencoders, flow-based models, and GANs. These comprehensive models are available on YouTube and can be accessed for free. Experts from the field of AI teach in-depth models like unsupervised learning and image generation. By learning both practical and theoretical models, participants can upgrade their generative AI skills.

7. New York University’s “GANs Specialisation” on Coursera

An in-depth explanation of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) is provided through this comprehensive program, which also illuminates a number of other aspects of this area. Participants are guided by knowledgeable faculty mentors through the complex GAN architecture, various training approaches, and the specialized application of GANs across several fields. Learners are given the chance to immerse themselves in the practical application through a series of exciting tasks and projects, polishing their skills in the implementation and improvement of GAN models.

8. “Generative AI with TensorFlow” by Coursera

Participants who are keen on learning generative models like GANs and VAEs with TensorFlow should opt for this course. This generative AI course is taught by the top experts in the field. The extensive program also offers practical materials that help cognize the concepts better. By offering hands-on exercises this course makes sure that participants are well equipped with crucial generative AI skills. Anyone looking to polish their skills and upgrade their efficiency should take a look at this course.

9. “Generative Models for Text and Images” by  MIT OpenCourseWare.

The Generative Models for Text and Images course is ideal for writers and designers. Anyone is the creative field will truly benefit from this program. It aims at teaching participants about recurrent neural networks and convolutional neural networks. These topics are at the core of the syllabus and are taught by both theoretical and practical methods. The goal is to teach individuals how to create lifelike images and highly effective text.

10. Google’s courses on generative AI

Course on Generative AI Introduction: A brief review of Generative AI, its uses, and how it differs from conventional machine learning techniques are given in Google’s microlearning course. The course introduces Google Tools for building applications using generative AI.

The basics of Large Language Models are covered in this selected collection on Google Cloud, which then moves on to designing and deploying generative AI solutions on Google Cloud.

Fundamentals of Generative AI: This course, which is a part of the Google Cloud Skills Boost program, focuses solely on Generative AI and grants a skill badge upon completion.

In a world where AI drives both creativity and innovation, it is crucial for professionals to upgrade their skills. These courses can not only help you upgrade your resume but also enable you to ride the AI wave with ease. AI is penetrating into every field, which is why it is all the more important to take up courses on the topic. These courses open the doors to a world of AI-driven creativity and brilliance, regardless of your level of AI experience.

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