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If there is something very important in everyone’s life, it is definitely a career. What you do in your life leaves a mark on people and building a magnificent career also helps the generation that is in the next line.

Today, there are millions of job roles and avenues. It is not restricted to the olden days when people had to choose a career that was pre-defined by their family numbers. The ‘career ecosystem’ is changing dynamically and so the need to create platforms for job creation has increased. 9-to-5 employees, agencies, startups, and freelancers are the broad categories of work division that we are looking at. Among these, freelancers still face a lot of issues to find work that is apt for them and also brings enough money to maintain their lifestyles.

Crewbella is a platform that is striving to create a freelancing ecosystem that not only takes care of the needs of the clients but also the workforce. The company offers an ecosystem for professionals belonging to the media industry to share work and hire each other through secure digital contracts (based on blockchain technology) while ensuring monetary security to both client and crew.

Problems faced by Freelancers and Clients:

The exploitation of crew in the current industry has been imminent since the beginning. The crew doesn’t get paid on time or paid the full amount for the skills that they offer. Some also suffer from copyright infringement and harassment on the field. Oral commitments are another hassle that some people have to deal with.

On the other hand, clients find it difficult to trust the crew and their quality of work hence their leverage is money.

Mr. Chirag Balani – Founder & CEO – Crewbella

To take an example, if you want to travel somewhere, there are many application-based solutions that will connect you instantly with a driver, and the hassle of payment is taken care of by the platform. But, there is no digital medium that can help a client find the right crew and vice versa. The primary industry obstacles are money, quality of work, and location.

The CEO of Crewbella told Sociobits, “Having seen a lot of exploitation, someone or the other is going to come up with this idea. There are some platforms with similar ideas but it is failing miserably because it focuses on talent and not on the crew. No one needs talent right now. The crew has always been in great demand. I’m sure you must have struggled to find and navigate between lots of freelancers to build your company’s visual presence.”

Fiver & Upwork rely solely on remote jobs. Crewbella specializes and focuses on field jobs like a film crew, television, journalism, and photography where a lot of project-based or freelance services are required in the field.

What is the solution?

Today, there is an untapped market in this space that needs to be acquired through a digital medium to regulate the industry. Crewbella reduces the struggle between them and provides an unbiased platform where the client posts about their project and every crew from that desired area can apply.

The profiles act as the portfolio where users can see ratings and previous works. They can make digital contracts in 10 minutes and the money is transferred as soon as the hiring is done. The whole project is monitored by Crewbella.

The CEO and Founder of Crewbella, Mr. Chirag Balani says, “Having more than 5 years in the industry I have experienced this bubble in every media department. Both Crew and Client need some sort of medium that can ensure quality work and provide payment security.”

“Having more than 5 years in the industry I have experienced this bubble in every media department. Both Crew and Client need some sort of medium that can ensure quality work and provide payment security.”

-Mr. Chirag Balani, CEO of Crewbella

The solution is to introduce a regulatory body with a set of rules that can govern the industry; digital contracts that ensure work-life balance, copyrights, and project duration; transparency of work by creating digital profiles with scores that can be maintained, and a location-specific algorithm that will ensure exposure to the regional industry.

Along with this, Crewbella holds the right to process payment to either crew or client during a contract breach. Hence both parties are bound to work professionally and provide daily feedback.

The CEO added, “What if you had an app where you could compare profiles and hire them within 10 minutes, knowing that your money will still be safe if the hired crew does not provide quality up to the mark?” We all know the answer now.

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