Easydesq: Innovating the future of work with Arjun Gulati and Dhruv Agarwal


The main issue companies are facing today is managing working spaces. Many companies, in lockdown, hired a lot of employees and now are facing problems for office space. People who are working from home are in search of a good office space but find it difficult. The employees are in continuous search of a facility near their house to overcome the power and network issues.

Seeking this problem as an opportunity, Easydesq was founded by two super enthusiastic personalities who thought something out of the box. Easydesq is on a mission to make a workplace where businesses can start working without any problems of network or power cuts. The company is currently focusing more on reducing permanent office rentals by making them more sustainable. The founders believe in making a workplace with good amenities and providing neat and posh surroundings with a familiar environment.

Introduction about the brand and the co-founders.

Incepted in the year 2020, Easydesq is a SaaS-based PropTech firm that provides an option to employers offering to step out and work at a facility near their homes to overcome power and network issues. The brand is on a mission to make a hybrid workplace a reality for small, medium, and large businesses. The company works on a SaaS-based model and provides an option to employers offering to step out and work at a facility near their homes to overcome power and network issues. The company is aggressively working to reduce permanent office rentals, by making distributed work simple, seamless, and sustainable.

The company operates as a bespoke on-demand solution- a mix of monthly/ yearly memberships and employee pools, split regionally. Easydesq’s consolidated reporting and billing aspects have been the biggest selling points for their clients. Before Easydesq’s entry into the market, it was difficult to find and book meeting spaces or private rooms for ad-hoc gatherings but now with the help of Easydesq users can book whatever they want whenever they want, within the boundaries of pre-agreed contracts.  

Arjun Gulati, Co-Founder Easydesq: Arjun Gulati, Co-Founder, Easydesq has a passion for Flex office space and always finds ways to help people succeed in real estate affairs through his befitting solutions. Mr Gulati holds a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration from the Management Development Institute of Singapore. During his previous stints, he has also been a part of the founding team at CoWrks, a co-working space. He played a key role in CoWrks’ expansion and was responsible for growing its footprints in the Delhi NCR region. At Easydesq, he is responsible for striking landlord relationships, structuring managed office space transactions and product development.

Dhruv Agarwal, Co-Founder Easydesq: Mr. Dhruv Agarwal co-founded Easydesq with Arjun Gulati. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Delhi, and an MBA from the FORE School of Management. Prior to starting Easydesq, he co-founded Doctor Insta, a Telemedicine application, and worked in key roles at CoWrks. Along with his co-founder Arjun, contributed to the region’s growth ensuring healthy occupancy rates of 90%+ at a portfolio level. His role at Easydesq involves striking client relationships, managing the corporate sales team, and investor relations among others.

How did the journey start of building Easydesq?

The brand’s journey started with the onset of Covid-19 pandemic when offices went empty, and people felt that work-from-home is going to be the “new normal”. I along with my Co-Founder Arjun believed that office spaces would become even more important in the future, separating “work” from “home”, and making “hybrid” the “new normal”.

How was the initial stage looking like?

With the on-set of Covid-19, most of the co-working spaces were running on low occupancy, and we saw that as an opportunity to fill in the gaps in the supply chain, and gain market share in a rapid manner. That helped us gain a foothold with all the major players in the industry, helping us become profitable from Day Zero in our journey.

What are the services that you are currently providing?

Currently the brand is working as a flex space aggregator, helping clients understand the breadth & depth of various micro-markets in the country for their office space-related needs. We are continuously working towards reducing permanent office rentals, by making distributed work simple, seamless, and sustainable. The depth of supply options, coupled with personal touch from us, for all the clients allow us to stitch customised deals for each client which in turn ensures a very high repeat & referral business for Easydesq.

How is the response from people towards this startup?

We have received an excellent response from people ever since we started our business. Since inception, we have been able to facilitate more than 3,000 desks. We have also successfully closed deals with some big players like Skoda India, Boult Audio, MyGlamm, who were previously relying on conventional offices. Looking at our growth and success we are also planning to expand our business to cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

How do you differentiate with other similar startups?

A digital-first approach towards turning around deals has been the USP for the brand, helping us scale at a faster rate. The depth of supply options, coupled with a personal touch from us, for all the clients, allows us to stitch customised deals for each one ensuring a very high repeat & referral business for Easydesq.

What challenges have you faced while growing the business?

Every business faces challenges unique to its own. In early stages of the venture, it was difficult to source demand and bring people back-to-office. With the back-to-office/ hybrid becoming the norm again, finding relevant options matching client requirements has become more challenging.

As a founder, what have you learned?

One of the most important things that I learned in my early days of entrepreneurship is that there isn’t a specific template of success. Different businesses and circumstances require different approaches to build a successful brand. Also, if we talk about learning it is a gradual and most import aspect of long-term growth. I try to learn from every situation, I face at workplace and become a better version of myself each and every day.

What is the future of your startup and what measures are you taking?

We are a tech-first company, trying to bring about efficiencies thru digital proposals being shared with clients as per their requirements in less than 30mins of time, to ensure a quick conversation with the client.

As a startup, what are the important things to focus on?

To succeed in business, you must be adaptable as well as have good planning and organisational skills. While running a business, you must be organised. It will assist you in completing tasks and staying on top of things to do. It is critical to be aware of your competition and either emulate or improve on their successful strategies. Providing excellent customer service is critical to gaining their loyalty and retaining their business. Taking calculated risks to help your business grow is the key to success.

One piece of advice from your side to future entrepreneurs.

According to me, Entrepreneurship is not just a position but a responsibility, a responsibility towards the well-being of your employees and society. If you are a successful entrepreneur, it means you’ve learned to listen to your intuition and rely on your wisdom when making decisions. A key piece of advice that I would like to give aspiring entrepreneurs is that one should never start a business until and unless they do not have their heart and soul in their business model and one should never quit regardless of the ups and downs in the business or personal life.

The founders of the PropTech firm have highlighted the need to provide flexible work options to employees, especially in times when remote work is becoming increasingly prevalent. The option to work at a facility near their homes, which is equipped with reliable power and network facilities, can help overcome many of the challenges faced by remote workers. Easydesq’s solution is a testament to the power of technology in driving innovation and solving real-world problems. As we continue to navigate the changing landscape of work, it is important to embrace new ideas and solutions that can help us adapt and thrive.

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