Here’s how OTT platforms impact modern Indian families


OTT platforms (Over-the-Top) make it possible to watch favourite entertainment programs 24/7 via apps, websites, digital players, mobile devices, and TVs with integrated smart TV platforms. Smartphone users are generally familiar with apps such as Hotstar, Voot, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The Indian Media & Entertainment (M&E)industry is undergoing an unprecedented change due to Over the Top platforms. In the next few years, India’s online video market will expand by more than 50%, according to the Business Standard study report.

The opportunity to watch movies for free, ad-free premium content without censorship at home with family and friends, and to pay less for getting more, is something that continually attracts consumers which is why OTT platforms have become popular so rapidly. For the rest, OTT is taking shoulders for the entertainment part of your life. People are moving to OTT just for the reason of enjoying it from anywhere, we can watch it from the bed, from the kitchen, from the living room, from our office desk, or from any comfortable part of your room.  

Platforms offering over-the-top (OTT) content have disrupted the entertainment industry. The reason for its growth is the rising standard of living, the proliferation of smartphones with accessible and affordable Internet connectivity, as well as increased penetration in rural areas and changing preferences among consumers. OTT revenue in India is currently estimated at $0.5 billion, according to a recent report by Boston Consulting Group. By 2023, it is expected to increase to $5 billion. A growing number of OTT platforms have caused concern among filmmakers that this may spell the end of the theatrical experience.

Consumers, mostly parents, have complained about children not being able to see age-appropriate content because the minimum age requirement is not displayed beforehand and during the show/movie.

In spite of the fact that OTT is a superior platform for people who want to watch TV shows from anywhere and want to use their money wisely, it is isolating its customers from their social lives.

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