Learn a new word every day with this new Google search feature


People worldwide use google every day to search for a word’s meaning and lookup for various

definitions, google has gotten our reporting place for searching for anything you want to know daily. Now the tech mammoth, Google has added a new intriguing feature to their website, users can learn new words and enhance their vocabulary. Google establish the new hunt function in a blog post last week, in the recent update, Google stated that the new function will help their users to receive day-to-day alerts of new terms on their smartphones and that this will help them improve their vocabulary and knowledge. 

How it`ll work? When users will search for a term, a symbol with a Bell icon in the top-right corner will show. The function is activated by clicking the symbol. It also stated that the users can access the google app new feature with their smartphones and check up any word definitions they’re looking for. To get new words every day, you should subscribe up by opting for the bell icon which will be prompted in the top right corner. This feature will be providing you with a line description of the term, as well as the capability to view antonyms and learn more about them. Though this feature is veritably instructional and useful for the users it remains useful for English language users because Google has yet not stated when it will spread the capability to other languages as well, apart from English.

Also, Google aims to add several difficulty levels to this word meaning function, from which you will be able to select the difficulty level of your choice. “There are words designed for both English learners and fluent English moderators likewise, and soon you ’ll be able to choose from different difficulty levels,” Google’s blog post read. The definitions will include some intriguing history and trivia about the terms, making the reading more fun and uncomplicated., according to google. However, for the time being, this new hunt point will be limited to phones. Google is adding a lot more features to make their product user-friendly and interactive which is helping the users and boosting their curiosity to know more.

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