Meet the Team

Our energetic team of content creators and editors are always on their feet to discover new things happening in the world of technology, crypto, and NFTs. We want to create a world that is technologically aware and updated.

Sreedev Sharma


Sreedev Sharma is the founder of Sociobits. He is extremely keen to explore the updates that keep happening in the tech and social media space.

Shubh Bansal

Strategic Consultant

Shubh Bansal is a serial entrepreneur, venturing into tech and media space. He is also the founding member of NetaG and TIIPS Incubation, a platform for startups meet with investors.

Niharika Tewari


Niharika is the editor at Sociobits. Niharika is interested in anything that gets her creative juices flowing to pen down thoughts and ideas.

Aniruddha Narkar

Content Writing - Intern

Aniruddha likes to write about topics ranging from tech to MMA. When he is not writing, you can find him exploring the gaming world.

Arun Nadar

Content - Digital Marketing

Arun has worked in the field of digital marketing for over a decade. He writes content that will assist people improve their web presence using his skills in the field of digital marketing.

Deep Modi

Content - Crypto

Deep is a full-time Digital Assets Manager. He is also a writing enthusiast and uses a critical eye while drafting pieces related to cryptocurrency.

Navneet Mishra

Content - Sports

Navneet is into a lot of technology stuff and loves to build new platforms and code. He also has a keen interest in various Sports. He channelizes his love for writing and sports to create engaging content.