Facebook Opens New Support Dashboard For Whitehat Bug Report Program

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Facebook made it’s easier to submit and keep track of bugs you have submitted through its Whitehat Bounty program. Bug hunters can now view their bug reports and their status in a new centralized dashboard.

The announcement has made through a post on official Facebook Bug Bounty page saying:

We’ve created a new Support Dashboard for submissions to our Whitehat program. Going forward, this centralized dashboard will give you a simple way to view your reports and their status. We hope this tool makes it easier to keep track of your interactions with our team without cluttering your inbox, although you can continue to reply to us by email if you prefer.After your next submission, you’ll be able to view your Support Dashboard here: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=support

Facebook also attached a screen shot of the new tool with the post:

Facebook-Bounty-Support-DashboardHave you ever submitted any bugs to Facebook? What’s your thoughts?Top Image: Facebook Bug Bounty Page

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