Facebook Save Feature Test Hits On Pages And Events

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Facebook continues to experiment with the  ‘Save feature’ which is originally begun testing back in July 2012.  Then the test again spotted in November 2013 by MyTechSkool on mobiles. The test never ends, interestingly, as reported by TechCrunch, the ‘Save feature’ started appearing on web interface. It’s been only few days Facebook begins to experiment the read-it-later aka Save feature on its Desktop website, the test group were able to save ‘Links’, ‘Places’, ‘Music’, ‘Books’, ‘Movies’ and ‘TV Shows’ to the saved section.

Now it looks like Facebook has expanded its save feature, now some users can save Pages and Events to their Saved collections.  Means users are able to store Pages and Events for reviewing it later. The saved pages goes to Saved Links collection and Events will be transferred to separate ‘Saved Events’ section.

Facebook Save Feature On Pages Sociobits has got screenshots of new save button on Pages and Events which is appears to be testing on its website. We’ve gone through some Pages to dig more about save button, interestingly, we found that the new button is only appearing on those Pages which have the redesigned layout. Moreover it’s hidden under the dropdown menu near to the Share button. Means, users have to click on that dropdown button to reveal the  save option.

The saved Pages are accessible from the saved links collection.


Facebook Save Feature On EventsNow coming to  Save button on Events, as usual it’s used to save Events for future, users are able to save it without saying they’re actually going to the Event or not.  The button we spotted is sandwiched between the Join and Invite button. When we save an Event it will goes to Saved Events section. It’s also found in Calender list labeled as Saved Event.

Facebook might taken the save feature too seriously, that’s why it’s rolling out to every area of the social network. All the test reveals, literally, weFacebook Saved could able to save almost anything on Facebook, such as Links, Movies, Books, Musics..and now Pages  and Events too.

Given that Facebook has thrice earlier tested the Save feature and not yet rolled it into public. Maybe the ‘Save’ feature will get lucky the next time, or it might not. It would be interesting to see how things shape up in the near future.

It is unclear how many people are seeing the new feature, or if Facebook will choose to roll it out in a wider release.

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