Are You Driving in Targeted Traffic Through Facebook?

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Are you an online business owner, blogger or a freelance writer like me? Well if you are, there’s one thing you and me need. Let’s shout it aloud at the same time – Traffic!

And when driving traffic is one of your concern, Facebook is a medium through which you can reach out to a wider audience. In this post, I’ll be talking about the ways with which you can grab the attention of people through Facebook and lure them right into your basket.

Fasten up your seat-belts, b’cause this is gonna be one hell of a ride. Hey, hey, just be cool and chill ; I won’t get you into an accident.

So, Why Facebook?

Why Not? Well, that was a stupid question for sure. Why not Facebook, when it’s the most used Social Network on the world and when you, me and everyone out there spend hours a day in it?

I’ve been blogging, flipping products and doing random stuff on the web for a long time and what I learned is that Facebook is an amazing place from where you can reach out to a wider audience who will fit into any niche.

Let’s get into the How-To do it part!

#1 ) Have a Genuine Account.

Nobody gives a shit about what SPAMMY people share. And if you try to promote your website/blog when your profile/account looks like a total spam, they won’t even think about hovering the mouse over your post.

So, make sure you have an account with a real name, real information and details about you. Get rid of the default blue Facebook profile image and get yourself a nice picture of you smiling! This gives an impression to people around you on Facebook and they are likely to take actions.

#2) Have a Genuine Fan Page.

It is mandatory that you need to have a Facebook Fan page for your website until and unless you don’t want to grow yourself through the Social Media. Make sure you have a page on Facebook which you will connect with your website.

  • Set a simple username. It has to be the name of your website. This will be the word what comes into the URL of your page [ ex : ]
  • Set the logo or main image of the website as the page profile picture.
  • Create an image with the tagline or something that relates to the niche of your website as the cover picture. [ The resolution of a cover picture is 851px * 315px ]
  • Complete up the details, information and link your Facebook fan page to your website.
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Tadaa! Right now you own a Genuine Fan Page.

#3) Connect with people/brands on your Industry.

The word Social Media itself suggests that it has something to do Socially. You need to turn yourself into a Social Being if you were not one.

Connect with more and more people on your industry. Say : if you’re a Freelance writer like me, you have to find more people like you. I usually search for other freelancers and connect with them. Add them and become friends with them ( literally ). I’d also reach out to more potential people on Facebook who might become my next client. This helps me to create a strong online presence on the social network.

You should also like and follow Brand pages on your industry. This will even keep you updated about what’s happening on the industry.

#4) Join potential Groups.

Facebook groups are where people are becoming a lot active these days. You can join up to thousands of groups on Facebook. Why not make use of it?

Search using the main keywords on your industry and join the groups. Be sure to keep all those SPAMMING groups at bay and only go for active ones.

How do you actually Drive Traffic ?

Now that you know how to build a strong presence on Facebook, you’re set to go for the kill. Let’s see how you can make use of what you have drive in the traffic.

Photo by Andrew Nielson.
Photo by Andrew Nielson.

Here’s what you need to do [ First ]

  • Share Facebook posts by other people on your industry. It must be related to what you blog about.
  • You can also directly share posts ( as links ) on Facebook. Make sure you mention the Author profile / Brand page while sharing. Doing these things will grab their attention they are likely to do the same favor to you.
  • You can even comment on these posts, thanking them or adding up your queries.
  • Dive into Facebook groups and engage on relevant discussions. Like, comment and be the Central Attention of the post.
  • You can also ask questions, look for opinions and share ideas/posts on the groups. Doing all these will also drive in some attention to you.
  • Do the same with Fan Pages which you’re following. Engage!

Now you have some eyes on you. And it’s time to take it to your advantage.

  •  Share your blog post links on your Wall. { Make sure you don’t just insert the link and hit the post button. But add up some text about the post. This increases the overall CTR. }
  • Share your blog posts / website link on active Facebook groups. { But don’t over post or you’ll be kicked out }
  • Share your content on your Lively Facebook Fan page. { Make sure to reply to the comments you receive and keep the interaction going }
  • Use #Hashtags when you’re publishing a post.
    For example : If I were to share an article which is about “Freelance Writing tips”, I’d use hash-tags like “#Freelancing”, “#FreelanceWriting” #WritingTips”.
    This makes the post more discover-able and the best thing about it is that it drives only audience who would love to read on that specific niche.
    I will be writing a post on “How Hashtags work on Facebook” soon. So watch out for it.
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Ooohaa baby, oohaa! Guess what? You just upgraded your weapons and you’re ready to go for the war.

So, What’s the Secret Formula?

The secret method to drive traffic through Facebook is simple as a pie.
Connect, Interact, Grow >> Then Strike!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the post and digested something nutritious in. If you just did, return the favor by sharing the post with your connects. Well, sharing is caring.
And if you happen to pop out any doubts related to what we have talked today. Feel free to drop a comment and I’ll be the superhero who will come to the rescue and reply to you right away. ( Tadaa!! )


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