Get Rid of Facebook Addiction and Take Control [ Facebookaholism ]

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If you’re reading this, it means that you have a Facebook account. And almost everyone you can spot out there has one too.
We use it for connecting with people, for our business purposes and for many reasons that you can’t count with your fingers.

You have the ability to do wonderful things with your Facebook account. But, are you really making the best out of it? Or, is Facebook taking control over you and dragging you to the hole? Facebook can make or break it. And don’t let it break you!

After joining college 4 months ago, I started to get so much of free time and space to work on my freelancing and promoting my business. For a second, I even thought “Yes! Now is the time“. But time didn’t worked well for me till yesterday. And the obstacle was – Facebook!

I admit that I was a Social Media addict, and Facebook was my favorite stuff. In times I was supposed to be writing and earning more, I found myself scrolling through the infinite news feeds and waiting for people to come online, who didn’t even existed. Clearly, I was wasting my time and I was letting Facebook take control.

My calculations made me realize that I wasted over $540 in 3 months from the clients I already have since I didn’t met up with the deadlines they gave me. Screw me and my Facebook, right?

I’m not the only one. Well, there are many people who are wasting time and destroying productivity on Facebook. You might be the next one. And that’s why I’m writing this post.

How Not To Let Facebook Slow You Down?

The possibilities that Facebook holds is huge, but you’re using it the wrong way. Let’s see what are the ways to become a better Facebook citizen in all ways. Hold on to your seats!

#1) Set a Networking Timetable.

This might sound like you’re back in your high school, but sometimes, practicing what you did back then surely helps. You must create yourself a timetable to use Facebook and then stick with it.

Decide a time in which you will use Facebook and decide the duration. It could be at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day. Maybe in the middle too. But I highly recommend you to Facebook after 7 and before 9 since you won’t ruin your day with all the distractions.

And make sure you don’t use it for more than an hour. Maybe even half an hour will do.
Just stick to what you decide and don’t let anything break the rule. This will keep you well planned and productive along the day.

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#2) Kick away the Scroll Disease.

The “Scroll-Disease” is something that could happen to almost every Facebook users. It’s just that when you scroll through the news feeds and keep on doing that even without you being aware of it. Have you ever been to that situation before? Do you have that disease? Well, I had!

Just be sure that you won’t do it again. One cure to this disease is by going to your Facebook profile and checking the notifications or chatting with people. Try not to be in the Homepage.

If you REALLY wish to stay updated with the right kind of information, optimize your Facebook and improve your feeds. This will make things easier and way better than you imagine.

#3) Know your Purpose.

Why do you use Facebook? Why did you logged in and do you really need to use it right now? Ask these questions to yourself and you’ll find out the real purpose of using Facebook.
It’s only when you know your purpose of using Facebook, you’ll use it for your best.

Learn how to prioritize things and get them done first. Keep yourself away from distractions and stay on the track. There will be several notifications and messages which will lure you away – but just know your short goals and kick them.

Bonus Apps :

As a bonus, I recommend you to use these three amazing apps to get rid of your Facebook addiction and use it wisely.

  • FB Rehab : FB Rehab gives you the power to stop just talking about life and start actually living it!
    And it helps you to limits your time to two 10-minute sessions per day.
  • iFreeFace : A distraction-blocking PC application that helps you stay focused on study and break Facebook addiction.
  • Facebook Addict Alarm : This app alerts you every time you spend more than 15 minutes on the site and reminds you to avoid use of Facebook ! Now you can enjoy social network without forgetting your work.

I’m pretty sure it’s time for a change. Good luck :)



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