The Advantages Of Social Media Which You Can’t Forget

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Today morning I found my friend scribbling something fast, I took a peep at her rough copy and found social media to be written in bold letters. Words like “laziness, distraction, destroy, lack of empathy and many more negative words” filled her article.

I asked her if this was what she thought of social media. Her answer shocked me, “No, not at all. I can’t think of a world without social media’’. I asked her then why this article to which she replied, “this is what everybody writes about social media”.

Well, in this article of mine let us take a U turn and talk about the wise use of social media

The Word Wide Connectivity

My father lives in Doha, Qatar which is 2912 km from where I live. If not for the social media we, would have never shared this bond which we shares now.

Social media has actually brought the world closer. How many of you prefer using your phones for communication and not the social networking sites? None, isn’t it? With this medium enabling us to have closer ties with our friends and family without any cost why would anyone prefer something else? Be it, the aunt living in your neighborhood or uncle living in states connecting to people has never been easier.

When everybody talks about technology and modernization fragmenting our society, lets talk about how social media give people the chance to keep in touch with their friends and family, on the move.

The platform to promote business

Imagine you have just started a small scale business and you want to promote it free of cost. Yes, free of cost. Turn to social media which gives this free platform to let people know about your talents. Social media could be used as a brand building tool. The best part about advertising through social media is that it is not a one way communication.

Promote your Business

It makes sure that your voice is being heard. It gives you the opportunity to know what your customers want and act accordingly and here you let your customers know what you want them to know. With a little effort and dedication, you can get your brand recognized and increase your sales.

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 Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Wait, there is more to come.

How many of you have been worried about your children spending too much time online? Well, the answer must be everyone. What are you worried about – that your son will turn to an emotionless zombie? We never hesitate to leave our children to playgrounds. Then why hesitate to leave them online?

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 I have already read millions of articles shouting about the the risk the child posses being online, but with a little of parental guidance, this can prove to be the platform where your child will get to make friends and meet like minded people.

Staying informed about the world

 Its true that not all of us have the habit of reading newspapers. Social networking sites provides us with the opportunity to share news and currents events. Eventually these stories and news reach the users who have never read them.

Did you ever wonder why earth was round?, Why sky was blue? Want to know why? Social networking sites provide you the opportunity to ask people anything that you want to know.

Now lets talk about teenagers, the time when ‘self’ takes over. Social networking sites gives an opportunity to teens to discover their individuality. It is where everyone has a say, in this way it increases the self esteem of an individual by letting her express what she wants.

The advantages to students.

We live in a digital world today where social media gives students the opportunity to learn and interact beyond the four walls of classroom. Knowledge about technology is something that is very essential to survive in this twenty first century. Social media makes a student aware of how technology is and should be used.

Diverse Young Adults

When talking about students the main concern that rises is that –  ‘social networking sites ruins the writing skills‘. Well, I actually feel it improves your language. While writing an article in the class the child is only concerned about the teacher who reads it.

But while posting a tweet on twitter, he is concerned about the world that is reading it and hence tries to make the best use of language. If you have noticed it is with these social media that the child has been writing outside the class than ever before.

Be it a nine year old boy or ninety year old man, everybody has an account on Facebook. It enhances us from just ‘a being’ to ‘socially alive being’.

Don’t you think its time to broaden your perspectives? Just because of some disadvantages how can we completely ignore the advantages social media posses. Like every coin has two sides social media also has both positives and negatives. Think over it.



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