10 Tips To Post on Facebook To Skyrocket Your Business


If you ask me, Facebook is the best Social Media through which you can drive traffic to the online showcase of your website. Online or Offline, your business can benefit a great way if you make use of Facebook the right way.

And, I’m not talking about the unworthy kinda traffic that’ll just give your website some traffic. I’m talking about grabbing the attention of the right kinda people for your business and driving them straight to your basket.

Earlier on August, I’ve written a post in which I talk about driving targeted traffic through Facebook. In that post, I’ve talked about the importance of gaining online customers, how Facebook can me made use to it and what all things you need to do in order to professionally grab some people and stick them as your customers.

So, if you haven’t read it yet. I highly recommend you to pause here and read the secret formula right away.

So, what’s this post about?

As you already know, one magical step to increase your traffic through Facebook is by “Posting“. Yeah, you said it. (Now spell that out!)

You can use the Facebook Posting feature in different ways. Tthe way through and how you post is WHAT gives you results. You can always post junk and post some good shit.

And in this post, you’ll be learning how to post some good shit on Facebook and skyrocket your business online. Today, I’ll be teaching you how to post & share things on Facebook the right way, on the right time and to target the right kind of people.

So, buckle up and listen up! [ Hey, it rhymes :) ]

Let’s Roll

Before proceeding, you need to have a Fan Page of your Business on Facebook, that describes what it is all about.

 1) Upload Pictures that’ll Go Viral.

If you’ve been using Facebook for a long period, you might have noticed that not all the pictures you upload on Facebook receives the same kind of response or gets similar exposure.

Some pictures tend to stay up on News Feeds for a longer time, gain more interactions – While others tend to become a non-worthy-waste of time.

The key is to find the right kind of images to upload through your Facebook Fan page. The first step is to look for images that people who could be or are your customers could spend some time staring at.

Now, make sure these pictures are worth sharing. These kinda images are likely to gain more likes, shares and even comments. You gotta love more Engagement!

[Bonus : Some types of pictures you can upload to Facebook for grabbing some serious attention are :-

  1. Successful, Motivational and Inspirational Quotes.
  2. The pictures of your products in use.
  3. Selfies of the CEO or of the other crew members.
  4. Behind the curtain pictures of your office.
  5. Pictures of the type of audience you are targeting.
  6. Pictures of your happy customers with a happy smile (+quote).

While sharing a link on Facebook, an image will be embed along with the post. This is the featured image. And Facebook has it’s standard size for featured image.

A faulty aligned image or even a NO IMAGE can result in some serious bad impression + less interactions. And you seriously don’t want this.

The recommended upload size for featured images is 1200*628. Make sure you have an image of this size or of the same ratio, before sharing this.

You can also keep step number 1 in mind while uploading the picture to the external content, to gain more exposure and interactions.

You can always find topics that are both Trending or Popular and that will come to the interest area of the kind of people you are looking for – at the same time. This is your “Golden Trending Topic”.

Always have the ears, nose and eyes out for these kinda golden opportunities. And whenever you find one, post something about it.

It could be as in the form of a picture, as just a written story or you can even share an external content. Trust me, this will work just like magic.

Posting about these kinda trending topics will gain you more shares, resulting people to get a little bit closer to your company.

4) Post at the right time.

The timing of posting things on Facebook DOES matter a lot. I used to believe that it didn’t (till last month). But last week, I understood that it really is true after all.

According to the research done by Postplanner – here is the timings you need to know.

  • Best time to post: 1-4pm
  • Worst time to post: Weekend from 8pm-8am
  • Peak time: Wednesday at 3pm

Even though these timings are proven to be quite beneficial for an average business, it’s recommended that you try experimenting by posting on different times and recording the results.

You can later use this result to find out your Golden Timing and post accordingly.

5) Ask Questions to your Customers!

This can really be an effective method.

Do you think your company needs a change in someway? A new type of product or a new service? – Ask your existing customers.

This could help you to :-

  1. Make your company a better one. +
  2. Gaining more interactions online.

Use your Facebook fan page to ask questions to your people. This is a great way to boost your engagements.

Over to you.

I believe these 5 steps will really benefit you in gaining more engagements and traffic to your business through Facebook. Now it’s time to start working on it. Good luck.

[Image Source : executionists.com]

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