What is Cyber Crime and 3 Things You Need To Know about it

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Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment! Well don’t get driven away or fancied I’m not going to talk about entertainment but something as dynamic and as sensational as that; Crime!

Crime has its own types. Something which is reaching heights these days is, the cyber crime.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crimes consist of crimes that deal with the illegal activity conducted through a computer.

Though traditionally started as something where hackers would try to break into your computer networks, the crime has grown in all dimensions (4d) and have in for themselves more specific kind of styles like attacking their data through viruses.

If you want to know more about the cyber crimes, which I’m sure you would then I would say, go on reading this one.

These ‘Cyber Criminals’ as we can call them can hide behind an anonymous mask and even though not being in contact with you they can actually damage you to an extent which even a person with a gun could not do (yes, they can even kill you).

I completely know that globalization and industrialization have to grow at a full swing. But what about the Crime which is also growing at a power raised to twice the growth of the world? Statistics show that the leading economic power of the world, America has the highest rate of Cyber Crime.

Nothing shocking in this. At a place where everyone wants to be a billionaire, where the competition is growing every second what people will ‘not do’ should have been the question and not vice versa.

Now, lets take a look on some specific kind of cyber crimes which are affecting the world the most.

Cyber Bullying

Yes I know that this is something which crosses our lives every now and then.You might have heard thousands of people talk on this but, when it’s about cyber crimes, Cyber Bullying can’t be excluded.

It can be anything from a threatening message to a hurting comment on your picture. Anything which make your mind lose it’s control over itself, which hurts you and leaves you depressed or in fear. Cyber Bullying is being encountered by every third person using this social platform.

Studies say that most of the cases of cyber bullying/ cyber stalking occurs in teens. Those who have just started out with this stage of communication thinking they know it quiet well but actually happen to be on the other side of the coin. These people know about the risks but anyway give in just because everyone else is doing the same.

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Cyber Bullying has a lot to do with the self-esteem of a person. ‘My friend’s profile picture got 550 likes but I go only 200’, this is something which develops in the child what is called as inferiority complex, thus making the child face psychological or mental illness and also a feeling of animosity towards the other. This can lead to serious situations.

One Click Can Make You Bankrupt 

Don’t give me this shocking look! One click can take away all your savings. This is what the computer viruses do to you. Computer Viruses are those programmes that copy themselves to the computers hard drives and yes of course without your permission.

It can steal your disk space and even have access to your personal information.

Now you would have to believe me when I say, 1 click can bankrupt you! Be it Ebay or Dominos, the world-famous brands have experienced a hack and have an embarrassment to their account. After all there is some price you have to pay to be famous online.

Personal details of the people was being tracked down by the hackers. Such an information is not so new or shocking, your business is online and you sure got to face it.

These viruses which are created help the owner to collect numerous information, they even can steal money through these viruses. Professional thieves coming like a simple e-mail attachment, you open it and BOOM all gone! It spreads like wild-fire so, don’t question its speed man.

Next time you get a message saying,’Sir/Madam you are the lucky winner of 2000 billion, kindly send your bank details on this number to retrieve your money’ please “don’t” click! Common man no one is going to give you even a penny for no reason.

I Am Bill Gates

Now he is one of the richest man on earth, why would I not want to be like him? Well I am not talking about working hard to be like him, I’m talking about stealing his identity. Shortly I am talking about  “Identity Stealing.” This is also a cyber crime and mind you is very dangerous.

It is form of cyber crime, where the stealer steals personal information of a person and pretends to be that person. Why will someone become you? Now, that’s obvious to gain control over your financial resources, your income.

The stolen information has all your personal details and so can be used to get even new credit and debit cards in your name. You never know who else is using your savings to enjoy his living. They do it through breaches in your browser security or spyware.

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So, be careful, though it is a platform which will help you grow to the core and know the world better. If proper care is not maintained, can lead to deep dark pits from where coming back will not be an option.

These were just a few of the many crimes taking place in the online world.

I’m sure none of you would want to feel inferior, attacked by a virus or have a twin whom you don’t know.

Be Cautious, Be alert you never know if you are their next target!



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