How Social Media Anxiety Disorder Is Growing Inside You

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You wake up in the morning; but instead of getting your toothbrush you search for you phone eagerly waiting to see the number of likes that followed the picture you uploaded the previous night.

What is the big deal in it? This is what everybody does.

But these could be symptoms of social media anxiety disorder.

What is social media anxiety disorder?

Social media anxiety disorder is a syndrome that relates to generalized social anxiety and is acquired when participation of social media affects the mental and physical well-being of an individual.

This disorder makes the users escape from a real world to a virtual word, getting them easily distracted and worried about the comments that they receive on Facebook, causes anxiety when their pictures and not liked or tagged, tend to spend more time online and so-on.

Are you one among them? Find out.

Social Media Disorder

Are you glued to your phone?

Do you feel the desperate need to check your phone every other second? You try concentrating on your studies but spending 10 minutes without your phone seems impossible. Does separating you from your phone seem impractical?

Do you spend too much time on your phone checking your accounts on various social networking sites or playing games online games? If you are a victim of the Social Media Anxiety Disorder, then you might even find yourself taking your phones to bathrooms or any such wired places where you don’t usually carry a phone.

All day tweeting?

Don’t you think you are too much publicizing your personal life? You keep tweeting and re-tweeting every other day.

People with social media anxiety gets easily worried and anxious if they haven’t posted or tweeted in the past few hours. Have you forgotten your social etiquette?

Failing relationships?

Are you leaving your real world behind for digit one? If you feel that you can socialize better when you are online than in the real life then, chances are that you fall into this category.

People are so busy creating the online persona that they fail to keep up their real life relationships. They are so worried about the chances of breaking their online masks that they let their real relationships break off.

OMG! Why hasn’t anybody liked my picture

You upload a picture of yours and check every now and then the number likes you get. If this number doesn’t matches your expectations then you get sad and depressed.

If you are getting over-excited when somebody follows you, when you receive many friend requests or depressed when you lose your followers then this disorder has already taken over you.

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Spending too much time online?

If you are suffering from this disease, you tend to spend more time online and probably forget your surroundings and the valuable time which you are wasting on different sites.

The addiction to social media networks is the main reason for the Social Media Anxiety Disorder. This might not sound very realistic but it does exist for real. A large portion of the online population suffer from it.

 Are you one among them? Ask yourself.

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