Microsoft to integrate DALL-E 2 to Designer and Image Creator

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In Microsoft’s Ignite conference this week, the company announced it is integrating Open AI’s DALL-E 2 in Image Creator which will be available on Bing and Microsoft Edge and into its newly announced app, Designer.

DALL-E 2 and similar other AI-powered text-to-image generators have gained a lot of popularity. Very recently, DALL-E 2 was finally released to the masses after months of waiting on their waitlist. Open AI also announced that more than 1.5 million people are using DALL-E 2 to create around 2 million generations on a daily basis. From brands like Heinz and Nestle to architects, DALL-E 2 is being used for commercial uses as well as to bring imaginative buildings and architectural structures into reality. In order to expand the huge potential that this AI tool holds, Microsoft has announced its integration into its new app, Designer.

Microsoft CVP of modern life, search and devices Liat Ben-Zur, told TechCrunch, “Microsoft and OpenAI have partnered closely since 2019 to accelerate breakthroughs in AI. We have teamed up with OpenAI to develop, test and responsibly scale the latest AI technologies.”

“Microsoft and OpenAI have partnered closely since 2019 to accelerate breakthroughs in AI. We have teamed up with OpenAI to develop, test and responsibly scale the latest AI technologies.”

Microsoft Designer is an application very similar to Canva that allows users to create attractive presentations, invitations, social media posts, etc. This will help people to create beautiful designs by leveraging the power of AI. The idea of an app called Designer came into the picture by taking inspiration from the Designer tab in Microsoft Powerpoint. Users can begin signing up for the app and it will remain free for a limited period of time. Eventually, the app will be a part of Microsoft 365 and only certain features will be free for non-subscribers.

DALL-E 2 is also being integrated into Image Creator, which will be accessible on Edge and Bing after a few weeks. Image Creator will be acting like a frontend service for DALL-E 2 where users can input text prompts and generate art based on them. Image Creator will be completely free to use and eventually, it will generate images that don’t exist.

Microsoft Designer
Image Credits: Microsoft

Initially, Image Creator will only be available for preview in selected geographies and the gathered feedback from this will allow the company to expand the app. The company will roll out this tool cautiously given the privacy and misuse concerns that AI text-to-image generators have.

In order to mitigate the harm that can be caused by using Image Creator and Designer, Open AI has removed violent and sexually explicit content from the dataset that DALL-E is trained on. Before accessing these tools, users will have to agree to the terms of use and content policy. Supposing a user repeatedly inputs prompts that violate these rules, the user will initially get a warning and eventually be banned, with a chance to appeal.

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