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AllesHealth’s foundation is laid by Sundeep Gaba, a veteran in the Healthcare industry and an expert within HealthTech. He always wanted to provide better Healthcare access for Patients and Carers and believed in the potential of Health Data and Clinical Insights. This led to the conception of AllesHealth. In an exclusive interview with sociobits, he shared what made him give AllesHealth a start and shared his experience as a founder. He shared his entrepreneurial experience which is worth a read. His idea of merging tech with the Clinical field will surely result in a revolution that will change people’s perspective towards their own and their family’s healthcare management.

Let’s listen to the entire story of why Mr Sundeep Gaba, who is working on building AllesHealth – a HealthTech start-up into a sustainable company. 

Who is Sundeep Gaba? A brief about him

Sundeep has spent almost 1½  decades within Healthcare. He is an entrepreneur, a CEO, a Patient Advocate, a sports enthusiast, a son, a husband and a father of 2 amazing kids. He is driven to provide Patients and Carers a stronger voice in the Healthcare Ecosystem. As the CEO of AllesHealth, he is focussed on building a company that can truly help patients and carers in better management of the entire family’s health on a daily basis.

What is AllesHealth?

It’s a Health tech company, focussed on empowering patients & carer and helping them to manage their health better through clinical insights. AllesHealth provides a platform for patients that helps them proactively manage their health. AllesHealth analyzes patients’ own Health records, and provides them with clinical insights for patients to understand their disease better and also get proven recommendations on how to better manage their Health. 

AllesHealth also very well understands the role of Carer’s within the Healthcare ecosystem and what each one of them goes through. AllesHealth makes it easier for carers to manage the health of their entire family. Patients and Carers own their health data and with AllesHealth their data is available at their fingertips and completely secured. Patients can further share their data for cases such as 2nd Opinion or moving to a different hospital or clinic.

What founder has to say

Every time we heard a story of misdiagnosis, late diagnosis or mistreatment, it pained us to see how laggard our Healthcare industry has been so far in terms of Digitalization and how helpless patients feel during their treatment.

Every time we heard the story that patient data is shared across the spectrum, without any knowledge to the patient, it made us question the ethics. 

Every time we experienced helplessness as patients, when they had to choose what is best for their family, it made us question, what can we do to make life simpler for Patients and Carers.

In India, there is a lack of trust in Healthcare, where Hospitals are charging like a 5-star hotel, it’s the patients and carers who are suffering and a huge part of that is because Patients do not have the right information.

What laid the foundation of AllesHealth?

There were two major instances that have really triggered the foundation of AllesHealth for me.

Firstly, it was the birth of my second child. He was born in Switzerland, where we have one of the best Healthcare systems available. When he was born, we had to go through quite a lot of visits to the hospital due to an issue with his Heart Development. He is well and healthy and makes our lives joyful. But that gave me an indication of a carer’s view where I wanted to get more clinical insights about what’s really happening with my son. Clinicians couldn’t tell us much and still we are in the process of continued visits. 

Second was quite recently when my mother was diagnosed with a disease that I wouldn’t divulge too much into. But there again, as a carer, sitting remotely in Switzerland, away from her, made me feel helpless as I really would like to get more insights on her health and disease progression. She has gone through multiple Lab tests, some of them a few times within a short period and yet there has been no clinical diagnosis. Till today I am constantly worried and lacking information. 

With my background in Healthcare whilst working for one of the biggest Healthcare companies, I’ve also seen the power of healthcare analytics and what this can do. And yeah, so somehow the need became even more prominent. And as somebody who constantly vouches for patients’ interest and carer’s interests, I decided to found AllesHealth, so that we can help Patients and Carers all over the world.

What are your future goals?

”Our goal is to help 50 million patients & carers by 2026.”

This will happen in a few stages.

Firstly we will launch AllesHealth in India, which is going to be a Mobile app for patients and carers, through which they can upload their Health records by simply clicking an image.They can bring their health records into the platform, get clinical insights that are relevant for them, and get predictive analysis on the disease progression over a period of time once we have a large amount of data to analyze with.

And we believe more insights help patients to better manage their health. And that’s something that AllesHealth can provide. 

With continuous disease monitoring and with our proprietary prediction modeling, we can provide recommendations on what to do and open avenues for better Healthcare access for Patients and Carers. 

In addition to that, we are also launching our platform with health rewards for patients, which they can leverage at our partnered hospitals and clinics once AllesHealth is launched in India. We believe once patients get access to different areas within health care and it’s transparent to them, it creates TRUST. And something that we all had our challenges with when we deal with health care systems, specifically in India, I would say, but also in different parts of the world. As somebody who’s been working in health care for close to a decade and a half at another multinational company, I could say that there is a genuine issue of trust in healthcare, and that’s where different technologies can help us, like AI, blockchain, and Web 3.0. These are ways for us to get better benefits and create trust for patients and carers within the healthcare ecosystem.

Is Artificial Intelligence in health tech helpful?

Definitely, it helps tremendously. We have seen the progress of AI over a period of time. We see constant progress in multiple sectors and healthcare is no different. In fact, our own company, AllesHealth, is working on AI algorithms to generate insights and predictive analysis that will help patients and carers based on their clinical records. So it’s something that I fundamentally believe that is going to help. But the adoption on the patient and carer end should not be about whether we are using AI or not, it’s about what value it brings because AI is an enabler. But as a tech, there is a huge potential there. In fact, it’s being used day in, day out and sometimes we don’t even realize it but it’s under the hood.

How does AllesHealth differ from the market’s other players?

So there are definitely a lot of patient records management platforms out there. Many are focussing on working towards the benefits of Doctors and Hospitals. We are different because AllesHealth looks at it from a Patient’s and a Carer’s view. Our viewpoint is that we want to be the digital partner for patients and carers. 

And as a carer, we may have family members who constantly fall sick, or maybe we are living in a different city and remotely caring for our aging parents. Carer will get the information they need based on the clinical analysis of Health data. 

AllesHealth is different as we offer health rewards for patients. So we are building an ecosystem where patients would benefit by sharing their own health data, which I believe not many companies are looking into. And yeah, as I said, our primary focus will always be Patient and Carers. AllesHealth will be truly a patient-centric solution.

When can we expect AllesHealth to Launch in India?

So we are all working very hard for AllesHealth Health to be ready for patients and carers this year, and we are expecting it to be launched in Q2, possibly in May or June timeframe this year.

We believe the modern world needs this. We believe healthcare integration with technology in this changing world would be very beneficial for everyone involved. India as a country has very few doctors and nursing staff in terms of Per capita allocation, so platforms like AllesHealth help Government, Insurance companies, Hospitals, Pharma companies and all other stakeholders to provide better and trustworthy care for Patients and Carers. AllesHealth has the goal and potential to help a lot of Patients and will change their way of looking at Healthcare and their way of health management.

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