Artificial Intelligence in Finance: Can you use AI to trade stocks?


Technology has played a crucial role in helping us advance in different spheres of life. Technology has helped us do wonders in almost all areas, including investing and money. Today, AI-based stock trading is possible, and thousands of investors across the globe are benefiting by using artificial intelligence in trading.

Collecting and analyzing data in trading

The biggest challenge for every trader is to collect the data and then analyze it. Before traders can place an order, they need to have every single piece of available information with them. However, in recent years, that has become difficult, next to impossible. There are so many events occurring every day that it is quite difficult for traders to collect and process all the information that may impact the stock price. Therefore, the chances of getting trades wrong have increased. It is impossible for humans, but machines can process any data volume – AI stock management is helping traders in this regard.

How AI transforms the trading world?

Those who have been in the market know that the stock market is complex. Not only that, it is unpredictable and governed by many factors – even the best minds in the business have a low success rate. 

Humans have limited information processing capabilities. Therefore, when they do technical analysis, they are prone to a high degree of human error. However, when it comes to AI-based stock trading, it eliminates human emotions and helps take concrete and systematic positions.

Artificial Intelligence trading

If you are not one of those who trust technology, you may find it hard to believe how AI is helping thousands of traders. Electronic trades account for 45% of the revenues in cash equity trading. You need to check with AI-based investment advisors in India and explore if technology can help you become better at trading. AI algorithms are fast-paced and increase traders’ profit probabilities.

Algo trading is popular in India, and most AI-based investment advisors in India are promoting it. It creates a computer program and gives it a set of instructions. These instructions have a command that executes a trade when a predefined set of conditions are fulfilled. For traders, it increases the chance of trading in the green multifold. Also, trades get executed at a faster pace. There is no time to bring in emotions and go wrong in decision-making.


Trading requires you to have reasoning and problem-solving skills. Reasoning helps you decide when to open a trading position, and at what price you should enter the market based on the analysis you have done. Problem-solving is about having the ability to predict future price moves with high accuracy.

To sum up, AI is already in use by thousands of traders. If you have not used it, you must explore it once before you reject it. 

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