ChatGPT could make these 4 jobs obsolete


Conversational AI, or “ChatbotGPT,” was developed for use with human users. This AI can mimic human speech, making it suitable for use as a chatbot, virtual assistant, or other conversational system.

But could it endanger your job security?

Your success will vary based on how often you use ChatGPT for tasks where it excels. Right now (while still in the free research preview), this AI does a wonderful job at producing essays, emails, blog entries, and more.
This remarkable artificial intelligence chatbot has been in use since its debut in November of last year, and has already been put to work crafting cover letters, writing a children’s book, and facilitating essay plagiarism.

It’s possible that the chatbot has more capabilities than we thought. If the bot were to interview at Google, it would theoretically be hired as an entry-level programmer. Employees who evaluated ChatGPT at Amazon praised it for being “extremely good” for answering questions about customer service, “great” at creating training materials, and “really strong” at responding to questions about the company’s strategic direction.

Unfortunately, ChatGPT has some flaws. Users of ChatGPT discovered that the bot often gave erroneous answers to coding questions and made mathematical mistakes.

One Wharton business school professor stated, “AI will never be as good as the finest experts in a sector.”

The emergence of ChatGPT, however, has spurred discussions over whether or not it will ultimately replace human labor, despite the fact that it is not without its limitations.

In the following, we list some professions that chatGPT will either alter significantly or completely eradicate.

1. Copywriting

It is important for marketers, advertisers, and anyone who generate material for social media to take attention of what ChatGPT is capable of achieving.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you’ve been assigned with developing an advertisement for Evernote. You should probably ask ChatGPT if you want to spread the word that this is a good tool for enhancing productivity because it can help you get more done in less time. There are workarounds available for this issue, despite the fact that it will be more difficult to implement if ChatGPT only covers a few number of well-known goods. Here is one another example to further illustrate my point.
It is feasible to take this concept one step further by elaborating on the capabilities of the instrument as well as its advantages over other items of a similar nature.

The more information that is provided to ChatGPT, the better it functions.

In addition, the text that is created may have a generic appearance, but rerunning the same query will not necessarily get the same results.

2. Content Writing

Madgavkar speculated that ChatGPT and other forms of AI could have an impact on a wide range of media-related occupations, including but not limited to those in advertising, technical writing, journalism, and content creation more generally. It’s because AI is adept at reading, writing, and comprehending textual information, she explained.

For example, “you’d anticipate generative AI technologies to ramp up on” skills like “analyzing and comprehending massive volumes of language-based data and information,” Madgavkar added.

In an opinion piece for The New York Times, economist Paul Krugman speculated that ChatGPT could perform jobs like as reporting and writing “more efficiently than humans.”

The media sector is beginning to test out material created by artificial intelligence. BuzzFeed has declared that it will leverage technology from the creator of ChatGPT in order to generate new forms of content, and tech news outlet CNET has used an AI tool similar to ChatGPT to compose scores of stories, despite having to give a number of edits.

3. Tech jobs (Coders, computer programmers, software engineers)

The ability to code and programme computers is in high demand, but ChatGPT and other related artificial intelligence tools may help close the gap in the near future.

Madgavkar argues that AI technologies would “displace more of the work” of professionals in the IT industry, including software developers, web developers, computer programmers, coders, and data scientists.

This is due to the fact that ChatGPT and other forms of AI are relatively accurate when it comes to number crunching.

In reality, ChatGPT and other cutting-edge technologies may be able to generate code at a faster rate than people, allowing for the same amount of work to be done with fewer personnel, as Moro put it.
Although more seasoned programmers may welcome ChatGPT as a way to save time on repetitive work, entry-level programmers may worry about their jobs being automated away by artificial intelligence.

You can use ChatGPT to fix bugs, get answers to programming queries, translate across languages, and more!

4. Graphic Design

A group of three academics wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review in December, speculating that the graphic design industry could be shaken up by DALL-E, an artificial intelligence programme that can generate graphics in seconds.

Writing that “these recent advances in AI will surely usher in a period of hardship and economic pain for some whose jobs are directly impacted and who find it hard to adapt,” they noted that “upskilling millions of people in the ability to create and manipulate images will have a profound impact on the economy.”
AI will eventually work with designers. In the future, people and machines will work together to create new designs. Artificial intelligence will eventually automate much of the design process. In order to get the most out of their AI systems, businesses will need to hire individuals who are skilled at creating the questions used by the AI engine (prompts) and can adjust the results produced by the machine.

Possibility or Danger?

This artificial intelligence is particularly strong in the following four areas: On the other hand, I believe that it would only have an effect on jobs at lower levels in the aforementioned areas (at least in the short term).

On the other hand, ChatGPT should offer comparable professionals additional opportunities for progress in their careers.

What comes next can only be determined by the passage of time.

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