Eazr: A global tech, Indian at heart fintech company that plans to make your life easier

Eazr urges people to avoid delaying educational opportunities and healthcare by providing a 'buy now, pay later' solution.


Have you come across a situation where your kid has to choose between a video game or a class that they want to be enrolled in because your fall short of funds? Of course, eventually, you get your child whatever he wants but at that time you had to delay learning for fun.

Sometimes, we also delay our doctor or dentist appointments because of the same reason. Let’s face it, when our pockets are tight, health and education have to take the back seat for some time. We may not realize the consequences of this immediately, but eventually, we regret not taking action at that moment.

The fintech company, Eazr aims at changing this attitude of individuals. The company realizes that in today’s time, it is very important to prioritize health and it strongly believes no one should miss out on educational opportunities because of cash crunch.

“At Eazr we aim to empower the consumer, by bridging the financial gap and avoiding any delay that deprives an individual from accessing necessities.”

– Sarabjeet Singh, CEO of Eazr.

This Mumbai-based fintech startup is a brand new entrant in the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later market’, and it is all set to launch its consumer and business app. The ‘Global at Tech, Indian at Heart’ organization is looking to revolutionize the buy now, pay later model. Aligning to its motto of making life easier, the company wants to prioritize the health and education sector where we witness a stark absence of fintech solutions.

Sarabjeet Singh, co-founder and CEO of Eazr says, “At Eazr we aim to empower the consumer, by bridging the financial gap and avoiding any delay that deprives an individual from accessing necessities.” Eazr urges you to put yourself first and let it take care of the rest.

The business model of Eazr is based on a customer-first approach. Its AI and Machine Learning driven platform approves instant credit within seconds to the consumer! Through custom API integration and plugin for e-commerce platforms, Eazr can integrate directly into the merchant’s retail environment which ultimately gives users the buy now, pay later option.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Eazr, merchants can increase their average order value, boost conversion rate and grow customer acquisition. This also means strategic partnership with brands that will enable you to enhance the value of your life. The brand options available in partnership with the company will be in sync with the company’s motto.

With Eazr, merchant partners are assured of the following:

  • Zero risk, as merchant partners get paid immediately while customers enjoy interest-free credit.
  • Seamless payments, whether online or in-store.
  • Merchant partners can track their progress and easily manage transactions on Eazr for Business and Business Web Account.

Primarily, Eazr leads with empathy by providing assistance and support through valid, unforeseen financial hardships that can befall the customer. It doesn’t charge any interest fee and enables the customer to spread out credit payments over two budget-friendly weeks while promoting the intention of spending responsibly.

To further cement its position as a trusted payment solution, Eazr aims to imbibe a structure that provides support to its customers. Eazr’s end goal is to provide its customers with a convenient way to say yes to things they love without having to deal with the anxiety of monthly finances. In other words, Eazr wants to make everyone’s life easier.

No more putting off doctor’s appointments or missing out on a course to upskill yourself, just because of a lack of immediate funds. In the company’s own aspirational tagline – ab rukna nahi – watch out for the Eazr app launching soon on both Android and iOS platforms.

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