Exciting surprises revealed in Apple’s shift in strategy for iOS 17 development

Apple Analyst Mark Gurman has suggested a major change in the plans for iOS 17 release. This is what you may get.

At WWDC 2023, which will take place this June and for which invitations are out, we will see the new iOS 17 presented, as well as the rest of the systems. According to Mark Gurman, will have several significant improvements.

iOS 17 could be a less significant update than previous updates that are in iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and the past few models. This might be because Apple was focusing all its attention on the new extended reality headset and also on changes to that system to transform itself to the proposed changes in the new European legislation. However, during the development of the update, the strategy changed and several “nice to have” features were added, with the aim of giving us several of the features most requested by users.

“When Apple began developing iOS 17, the initial thinking was to call it a staging release, one focused more on fixing bugs and improving performance than adding new features (not unlike the approach the company took with Snow Leopard on Mac OS X in 2009). The hope was to avoid the problems of iOS 16, an ambitious update that suffered from missed deadlines and a buggy start.”

“But later in the development process, the strategy changed. Now the iOS 17 release is expected to have several “nice to have” features, even if it lacks a star improvement such as last year’s revamped lock screen. The goal of the software, codenamed “Dawn,” is to bring several of the features most requested by users.”

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At present, we know a little about Apple’s plans with iOS 17, but we do have some hints. One of the paramount is that we await the advent of side loading support and also alternative stores. Changes that come marked by the new European regulations and that will arrive, almost certainly, accompanied by support for Apple’s new extended reality helmet: the Reality Pro.

Apart from this, we can expect changes in Siri, especially after knowing that Apple is developing its own natural language processing engine and the arrival of the new CarPlay system that we already see outlined during the last WWDC.

We know little more about this, but Mark Gurman’s simple sentence commenting that we expect to see several interesting new features and the arrival of some of the most common user requests is an outstanding news. A maintenance update is always welcome, but some new features to complete that tune-up even more so.

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Apple Could Bring New Features with iOS 17

Apple plans to introduce new features in the anticipated iOS 17, that are expected to be announced in June 2023. MacRumors reports that Gurman suggests the update may be more significant than initially assumed.

While previous reports indicated that Apple would systemize stability and fix underlying issues, the company has reportedly shifted its strategy and is now planning to launch iOS 17 with numerous fresh features.

So far, there have been relatively few feature rumours for iOS 17, and for a bug fix and performance improvement release, that’s to be expected. However, one sketchy rumour from October 2022 put forward that updates to iMessage involving a “new home,” chat rooms, and AR chat features are apparently on the way.

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