Genleap: Mapping Your Career Path through Genetic Insights


In our fast-paced world, where there are so many different jobs and life paths to choose from, it can often feel like we’re lost in a maze, trying to figure out what we’re really meant to do. But now, there’s something called Genleap that wants to make this whole journey of self-discovery much simpler for everyday people like you and me.

Genleap is an innovative platform that’s here to help you understand yourself better and guide you towards a career that truly suits you. It does this by using something called DNA, which is like a unique code inside your body that makes you who you are. Genleap takes a look at your DNA to uncover your natural talents and abilities. Imagine it as a kind of compass that helps you find your true north, the job or career that feels like a perfect fit for you. It’s like having a personal career coach right at your fingertips, but instead of just guessing, it uses science to give you personalized advice.

In this exclusive interview with the Founder and CEO of Genleap Sachin Sandhir, we’re going to look into the story of how Genleap came to be, how it works, and how it’s changing the game for people who want to align their passions with their jobs. So, let’s get ready to explore this exciting journey of self-discovery and career fulfillment with Genleap!

What inspired the creation of GENLEAP and its mission to impact self-discovery and upskilling?

The genesis of Genleap is to help a common individual discover his talents and true calling and choose a career that he is most naturally suited for. With Genleap – world’s first DNA led self discovery and career management platform this is not a distant dream anymore.

How does GENLEAP integrate self-discovery insights to connect individuals with EdTech, career tech platforms, and employers?

Genleap tied up with around 45 plus partners offering services like career counselling, personality development, talent development for kids, upskilling courses etc. Once the user has gathered insights about his/her own self they carry the confidence and clarity to make a decision and progress further with the help of career or talent platforms.

Can you explain the role and significance of Gendiscover, the DNA-led self-discovery product?

Broadly speaking, Gendiscover caters to three types of target audience – First, the parents of kids aged 8-14 to help them identify personality and talent traits so that they can be nurtured/guided in a certain direction. Second, we help students (and parents) take education and career decisions at important milestones such as stream selection in school and course selection for bachelors and further studies. Third, we also cater to young-mid career professionals who are looking for guidance to progress.

GENLEAP has developed a proprietary triangulation methodology based on well-established and proven tools and techniques to decode an individual’s talent and strengths. This first-of-its-kind technique reflects on the inherent abilities, the present state and indicative directions toward prospects.

We use the Big 5 (also known as OCEAN model) of personality assessment – as behavioral genetics research has established that BIG 5 or OCEAN traits have a nearly 50% genetic influence.

Our flagship product is called GenDiscover. It is an interactive digital report based on a 3-dimensional assessment comprising Genomic / DNA Analysis – using a saliva sample; an Astromancy Analysis – using birth timing and a Psychometric Analysis – through an online test.

How have investments in seed and pre-Series A rounds contributed to GENLEAP’s growth?

Genleap raised Rs 60 Crores ($7.4 million) in seed round in 2021 which helped us build the platform and our flagship product for self-discovery known as GenDiscover. Approx 15000 users (mix of students and professionals) have benefited with a holistic understanding of their personality – which is the foundation for career and life decisions. Amity Group and GD Goenka Group have adopted GenDiscover for their schools and colleges across the nation.

Genleap raised its pre-Series A funding of 27 crores ($3.3 million) in early 2023 for extending its footprint geographically. Genleap AI, Inc, the US entity of Genleap India, is looking to tap the resurgent US IPO markets with an anticipated Regulation A+ Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Proceeds from the IPO will be used to expand its marketing and distribution footprint globally; and providing DNA-led solutions for personal career growth and development, health & wellness, relationship compatibility, and more.

Could you highlight key milestones that reflect GENLEAP’s journey since its launch?

Genleap platform was developed with a deep understanding of the unmet needs of students, parents and early professionals. We partnered with a leading global player behavioral genetics which gave us a head start in building a first of its kind product for self-discovery.

User-led product development ensured a successful product launch in July 2022 with many academic institutions undergoing pilots for students. Since then, Amity Group, GD Goenka Group along with 100+ schools/colleges have joined us to offer GenDiscover to their student universe.

Genleap also tied up with around 45 plus partners offering services like career counselling, personality development, talent development for kids, upskilling courses etc.

We invested in extensive research on the future landscape of jobs in India – 5000 careers/job families, led by KPMG. This powers our platform for guiding students toward suitable career paths – based on their personality strengths, aspirations, interest areas and future of jobs.

We also partnered with a renowned career counselling firm for career counselling and related services like test prep, admission counselling, study abroad solutions etc.

How will the raised funds drive GENLEAP’s growth and development, and what specific goals are in the pipeline?

Genleap is soon planning for an IPO and proceeds from it will be used to expand its reach and distribution globally. In addition, the product will also solve for health and wellness, relationship compatibility, nutrition, parenting, and much more in addition to personal career growth and development.

Could you share GENLEAP’s strategy for entering new markets like the US and Europe?

Genleap is in the process of implementing its Regulation A plus IPO in the US and plans to expand to the US, Middle East and Far East Asia market and launch products related to personal development, mental wellbeing, relationship compatibility, sports & nutrition, health and wellness.

How do you envision GENLEAP’s role in shaping self-discovery, education, and career development in the future?

Genleap provides a unique ecosystem where nature (DNA) meets nurture (environment) and starts with career discovery but eventually leads to skilling (through an ecosystem of skilling partners) and employability.

Genleap provides end to end career lifecycle support from discovery to stream selection, course selection, college selection, university applications abroad, scholarships and finance.

How does technology enhance GENLEAP’s platform and user experience?

GENLEAP has developed a proprietary triangulation methodology based on proven tools and techniques to decode an individual’s talent and strengths. Our flagship product is called GenDiscover. It is an interactive digital report based on a 3-dimensional assessment comprising Genomic Analysis; an Astromancy Analysis and a Psychometric Analysis.

Genetic analysis of personality is a complex field that involves the study of how an individual’s genetic makeup (their DNA) influences their personality traits and behaviors. Several technologies and methods are employed to conduct this genetic analysis. Our geneticists use Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) to assess the cumulative impact of multiple genetic variants on personality.

Users can access the dashboard with personalised results for lifetime. Certified Personality Coaches and Career Coaches are available for personalised online counselling through the digital platform.

How does GENLEAP ensure seamless integration among different educational, skill development, and employment platforms?

GenDiscover is the first step in the career lifecycle. The next step depends on an individual’s stage in life. For eg – for students who want to take career decisions, we help them first match their personality to behavioural competencies required for various professions and job roles. In addition, we help them shortlist possible career paths based on their interests and motivations.

Genleap acts as a one stop shop taking aspirants from point A to point B. After their self-discovery, we recommend various personality & talent development and, upskilling courses – which can be consumed in a seamless digital format.

Can you recall a pivotal moment in GENLEAP’s journey that reinforced your commitment to its vision?

Each of our customer story is special. It tells the potential of a human and our limited understanding of it can impact the quality of our lives. Our customers have been able to understand themselves better. They were able to take informed decisions about their career and life. The understanding of their true potential, strengths and talents gave the confidence to take a life-altering decision. Parents understood the triggers for hyperactivity, resistance and stress in their children.

This insightful interview with the CEO is really informative. The world needs such startups that encourage self-transformation. Genleap offers a promising path to self-discovery and career satisfaction by utilizing the power of our unique DNA. It’s not just a tool but a potential game-changer for those seeking alignment between their passions and their professions. With Genleap, finding the right career fit becomes a reality, backed by science and personalized guidance.

In a world where self-fulfillment and career success are common goals, Genleap serves as a pioneering force, bringing us closer to unlocking our full potential. Let Genleap be the guiding light in our journey toward careers that truly resonate with who we are.

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