How does Social Trading Work? – Guide for Beginners


Social trading is attractive for many reasons. People love it for its collaborative atmosphere and appreciate the opportunity to discuss market trends, analyze strategies and get new ideas to improve their trading approaches. People are inspired by successful deals and can copy them. And it also reduces the burden on the trader because it is necessary to analyze less, and it is easier to earn. In short, it allows traders to connect and share information and creates effective interaction between professionals of different levels, allowing everyone to earn more by selling their strategies or by copying the approaches of other market participants with lower risks for their investments.

What is social trading? 

The main idea is that you can see and copy the trades of other traders who are part of the social trading platform. It’s relatively simple, even if you’re a beginner in the market.

  • You register on any social trading platform. For example, suppose you choose Bidsbee Crypto Social Trading. In that case, it’s a great option for those willing to share their experience and earn from it and those who want to accelerate their income and improve their trading skills more efficiently.
  • After registration, you can view the statistics of other professionals. The most important information is available to you: profits, volatility, strategies, risks, and other key indicators.
  • Choose the strategies you consider worth replicating based on your experience.
  • Activate the copy trading function, linking your account to the actions of the selected trader. The same happens in your account when they open or close trades.

One of the most well-known and inspiring examples of successful social trading is the story shared by the eToro platform and its user Jaynemesis. In this story, a starting capital of $5,000 grew with additional zeros within a few months. This example is truly impressive because all Jaynemesis did was select a few traders he had been following and set up automatic copying of their trades, and the key factor for him was the stability of profits among the traders he chose as his role models. Despite having limited prior experience, he achieved incredible results in just a few months.

However, it’s important to understand that Jaynemesis didn’t achieve success solely based on luck. He demonstrated patience, observance, analysis, and risk management, so his story serves as an example of good profits through social trading. Never rely blindly on the success of others or luck. Always weigh and analyze everything, especially when it comes to significant investments.

Exploring Social Trading Platforms 

If you are just starting your trading journey, here are a few platforms that can serve as a foundation for your future income:

  • eToro has a large community of successful traders and offers a user-friendly interface for beginners.
  • ZuluTrade. In addition to automatic trade copying, it provides additional features for analyzing and monitoring traders.
  • NAGA: Apart from basic functionality, it offers useful additions such as communication within the trader community and receiving notifications about market events.
  • Tradeo provides not only copy-trading tools but also helpful analytical instruments.

Each platform has a convenient and simple interface, which is particularly appealing to beginners as it prevents getting lost in complex tools or unfamiliar functions.

However, it’s impossible to determine which one is the best. You can familiarize yourself with each platform’s limitations, rules, and fees and read reviews or expert market opinions. This will help you make an informed decision based on your budget, goals, and even personal preferences.

Advantages of Social Trading

Copy trading allows you to see and analyze the trading operations of successful traders, select the best strategies to replicate, and you don’t even need to have deep knowledge of financial markets. Moreover, the trades are automatically reproduced in your account, and this feature is available regardless of the size of your initial capital.

Additional factors that assist you include:

  • Leaderboards: You don’t have to search for the best traders manually; they all automatically appear in a top-ranking system.
  • Trade copying: It allows you to quickly set up the copying of trades from a specific trader.
  • Social networks: Communicate, exchange experiences, and stay informed about the latest events and best strategies.
  • In this way, you gain access to expert strategies, stay updated, and learn about new income-generating opportunities. This helps you gradually gain the experience and knowledge necessary to form your profitable trading strategy. During the learning process, you are already earning and multiplying your capital. This is the most advantageous and effective way of learning trading through practice.

Social Trading Risks and Challenges

Risks exist in social trading, but you can minimize or avoid them. For example, you should be prepared for various scenarios, as even the best traders can incur losses. What you can do:

Diversify your investments among different traders and assets to reduce risk. Don’t put all your money on one trader or one operation.

  • Set limits and stop losses;
  • Start with small amounts until you test the platform’s functionality or evaluate another trader’s strategy;.
  • Avoid using loans or credit for social trading investments.

Final Thoughts

Before copying the trades of other traders, carefully analyze their profiles, profitability indicators, stability, and other factors. Choose traders with a long-term track record of success. Additionally, never stop learning and improving your trading skills. Develop your knowledge of financial markets, trends, and strategies. The more you know, the better you can evaluate traders and make informed decisions.

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