Meet WriteXai: The Best Jasper AI Alternative To Try In 2023

Looking for an affordable & reliable alternative to Jasper AI? If yes, you are in the right place because we have just the thing for you.

The digital world is getting more advanced day by day. And a piece of content plays a crucial role in this case. Whether you have a website or own an Instagram page, you need to write something catchy to grab the attention of your audience.

Sometimes writing can be challenging, especially when you are handling your business on your own. On the other hand, there are so many small things that you need to care about. For example, if you have a website for your business, writing ad campaigns, cold emails, and social media posts are essential.

Hiring a professional writer is not always a good option, especially when you have a tight budget. In that case, a writing assistant tool can save your day. Yes, there are some advanced tools that can help you write a premium piece of content.

Here comes WriteXai. An extraordinary writing tool that can give you an advanced-level outcome. If you haven’t used this tool, we will change your mind by the end of this article. In this post, we will share the complete review of From benefits to templates, you will get all the required details. Let’s get started.

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About WriteXai

WriteXai is a next-generation tool that has so many premium features. In today’s world, marketers struggle to get find a genuine writing tool. However, things can change with WriteXai.

WriteXai logo

What we loved about this tool is it gives accurate results while understanding human emotions. On the other hand, WriteXai provides different templates for different platforms. If you want to write cold emails, you can use 3-4 separate templates for it.

WriteXai provides different templates for different platforms. If you want to write cold emails, you can use 3-4 separate templates for it

Similarly, there are different templates for social media posts. Besides these things, this website is very user-friendly. Even though you are a newbie marketer, you don’t have to work hard to understand everything.

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Top Benefits of WriteXai:

Now, you know the basics about WriteXai. If you have some doubts, you need to know about the benefits. Hence, these benefits are the key reason why most people prefer WriteXai over other tools. Keep reading to explore more about the top advantages:

1. Latest AI Technology

The best thing about WriteXai is that they use the latest AI technology. Yes, this tool has cutting-edge technology that can give you the best result. Even though WriteXai has advanced technology, it provides a user-friendly interface. That means you can use this platform even if you are a newbie.

2. Easy Editing

Many people face several problems when it comes to editing. Well, it happens as most writing-assist tools don’t have good editing features. In that case, WriteXai can solve your problem. The latest technology gives you the best editing experience.

3. Reliability

As there are so many writing and editing tools available on the internet, you need to check the reliability first. A good website always provides the best service, especially when it’s about marketing. WriteXai is perfect when it comes to reliability.

4. Affordable

One of the top benefits of WriteXai is that it’s very affordable. Yes, you can get the basic plan for just paying $14.99 per month. For a newbie business leader or an individual worker, it can be super affordable. Plus, you can also check other premium plans for your business.

5. 24×7 Customer Support

When you use a premium tool, you have to check if the customer support team is good or not. In this case, you will get 24×7 customer support with WriteXai. Chat support is available 24×7 on the website. On the other hand, you can also reach out to the team via email.

Best Templates Provided by WriteXai

As we noted before, there are so many advanced features in WriteXai. In that case, you have to check the best templates for this writing tool. When you use these templates, you can get the best outcome. Let’s find out:

  • Blog Conclusion

The conclusion part has to be remarkable as most readers will take a decision after reading this part. With WriteXai, you can get an outstanding blog conclusion generator that can increase your conversion rate.

  • Blog Titles

Writing a killer blog title needs deep copywriting skills. You see, the title of an article can grab most of the audience’s attention. By using this tool, it will be easy to generate a unique title for your next blog post.

  • Blog Section

Yes, you can even write a full blog by using this tool. If you don’t have enough time for writing a blog post every day, this is the best method. On the other hand, you can also write a few paragraphs.

  • Blog Ideas

Getting new blog ideas can be challenging for many people. You need to do a lot of research as well. Use this tool to get some trending and creative ideas for your blog.

  • Welcome Email

Make a fantastic first impression by writing a welcome email for your new customers. Writing an email takes a lot of time. So, you can use a template to get the best result. It will also increase your conversion rate.

  • Cold Email & Follow-Up

Reach out to your potential clients by using advanced AI technology. WriteXai has tons of templates for cold email. You can use them as per requirement. Plus, there are some good templates for follow-ups as well.

  • Amazon Product Description

Create some attention-grabbing pieces of content to win customers for your Amazon store. Get a detailed product description that will increase the value of your product.

  • Google Ads Description

Writing an ad description can be very challenging, especially when you are a newbie marketer. Use this advanced tool to understand the psychology of potential customers. WriteXai will help you to write the best piece of content for Google Ads.

  • Google Ads Headlines

Besides the body, Google Ads headlines are very essential to get the right customers. In simple words, it’s the headline that catches everyone’s attention. This awesome tool will help you generate a 30-word long catchy headline.

  • Facebook Headlines

Just like other headlines, you have to be careful about Facebook headlines. In fact, it’s very essential when you have to generate customers from Facebook. WriteXai will help you create catchy headlines for Facebook Ads.

  • Social Media Post

If you have a social media page for your business, you need to publish attractive posts. In fact, you can write different posts for your personal social media page. Generate the best paragraph by using this AI tool.

  • Facebook Ads

Write attractive content for Facebook Ads and engage your customers to increase conversion rate. Hook your audience to get the best response with your WriteXai generated Facebook Ads.

  • Instagram Hashtag Generator

WriteXai is the best tool if you want to increase your Instagram visibility. It will help you find the right hashtags for your Instagram posts. Increase your followers and engagement by using related hashtags.

  • Instagram Captions

The best part of WriteXai is you can generate simple yet catchy captions for different social media posts. Generate an attractive Instagram caption by using this writing assistant to grab the attention of your audience.

  • Creative Stories

WriteXai has extraordinary technology to generate creative stories. Just input text while using this website and it will help you by providing the best creative stories.

  • Grammar Checker

Even though there are so many top-rated tools available for grammar checking, you can get all the features in this tool. Yes, WriteXai has an advanced grammar-checking feature. You can check your piece of content before publishing.

  • Content Rewriter

There are some free websites available for content rewriting. However, most of them are not genuine. In fact, you have to face issues later. Try out WriteXai’s special feature for content rewriting.

  • Academic Essay

Are you struggling with writing a perfect academic essay? In that case, this is the best app for generating top-notch academic content. Create academic essays on various topics by using this AI writing assistant website.

  • Article Generator

Input a title or outline to generate a high-quality article. It’s the best feature if you don’t have enough time for writing a complete article. Or, it’s also good if you have a tight budget and don’t want to hire a writer.

  • Summarize Text

Another great template we loved on WriteXai is that you can summarize a text by using the tool. Yes, this website lets you summarize a text in a short and easy form, so everyone can understand it.

  • Youtube Tags Generator

WriteXai lets you generate the right tags for YouTube videos that can increase your viewers. Get SEO-optimized tags alongside useful keywords to get the best result. This tool has fantastic technology to generate tags.

  • Video Description

Besides the tags and the title, a good Youtube video needs a suitable description. Create an attractive video description by using this software’s advanced technology. A good description can attract a larger audience.

  • Video Scripts

Most YouTubers hire scriptwriters before shooting their videos. If you want more engagement in your videos, you need a good script. In that case, WriteXai can help to write scripts before shooting videos.

  • Problem-Agitate-Solution

The best part of WriteXai is you can do some advanced-level things with this tool. For example, you can implement ‘problem-agitate-solution’, an advanced copywriting formula for your business. You will get the best result with this formula.

  • Meta Description

Be it an article or a YouTube video, you need a good meta description for ranking. With the help of WriteXai, you can generate an SEO-friendly meta description. Input text and this software will generate a suitable meta description.

  • FAQs

The FAQs section is getting more popular day by day. In simple words, it can increase the trust of customers. Use this tool’s template to generate FAQs and answers for your articles and social media posts.

  • Testimonials

Use testimonial templates to create social proof for your website. It’s available for social media pages as well. So, you can get more genuine customers.

WriteXai Subscription Plans

WriteXai Subscription Plans

One of the best things about WriteXai is that you can get an affordable subscription plan. This tool has three plans. In the following list, we will share the details about these plans so you can choose one as per your requirement:

  • Individual Plan

If you are an individual or just started your business, you can go for the individual plan. The plan is available for $14.99 per month. It has 20,000 words, 20 AI images, customer support, PDF downloading, and 23+ languages. You can get access to all templates and the editor.

  • Business Plan

The Business plan is the most popular one for WriteXai. You can get this plan for $39.99 per month. You can get 50,000 words, 100 AI images, 23+ languages, and PDF downloading with this plan. Moreover, this plan has priority support, 10+ tones, and all template access.

  • Enterprise Plan

For big start-ups, the Enterprise plan can be the best one. You can get 200000 words and 25 AI images with this plan. On the other hand, you can also get access to all templates, 23+ languages, 10+ tones, priority support, and more. The Enterprise plan is available at $149.99 per month.


If you are up for improving the conversion rate, WriteXai can be the ideal choice. However, we don’t suggest anyone rely on an AI tool. However, when you implement the right strategy, you can get the best result. For more information about WriteXai, visit the official site.

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  • How much does WriteXai cost?

    WriteXai offers three different plans. The basic plan starts from $14.99 per month as it’s suitable for individual professionals.

  • Can I use a content generator with WriteXai?

    Yes, you can use a content generator with WriteXai. There are various templates for different types of content. You can choose one as per your requirement.

  • Does WriteXai have an affiliate program?

    Yes, WriteXai has an affiliate program. If you become a partner, you can earn up to 20% recurring to promote this tool. You can earn a commission every month until the user cancels the program.

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