Midjourney Introduces AI Generative Fill Feature to Rival Photoshop


You know how computers can do cool stuff, like make art from words? Well, there’s this really famous art-making computer friend called Midjourney that artists love. It takes words and turns them into cool pictures. And guess what? Big-shot company Adobe, famous for a program called Photoshop, added a special tool to it. This tool uses computer smarts to change things in pictures. If you don’t like something in a picture, this tool can swap it out for something else and make it look like it was always there.

Now, Midjourney saw what Adobe did and thought, “Hey, I can do that too!” So, they made their own version of this tool. It’s like a little competition between them. They want to show off who’s better at making tools for artists. It’s kind of like when friends challenge each other in a game, but it’s a game of making things look awesome.

This friendly fight between Midjourney and Adobe is super cool for artists. It means they get better tools to create their art. Imagine having more crayons or paints to use, it’s like that for artists, but with computer tools. So, as these companies try to outdo each other, artists end up with more amazing choices to help them create their masterpieces. And who knows? Maybe in the future, computers will help artists do even more mind-blowing things!

They’ve come up with a new tool called Vary (Region), and they’re testing it out. It works kind of like a special tool you might find in Photoshop, where you can change parts of a picture that you’ve made bigger.

Here’s the cool part, let’s say you used Midjourney to make a picture of a white horse wearing black sunglasses. Now with Vary (Region), you can focus on just the sunglasses in the picture. You can decide if you want to take them out completely or switch them out with different glasses. And get this, you can even turn that white horse into something else, like a different animal or whatever you can dream up!

Imagine having a magic wand play with parts of your picture. It’s like being an artist who can make little changes to their masterpiece without starting all over again. So, if you want to make your AI-created art look just the way you want, Vary (Region) is here to help you do that. It’s like having your own art transformation superpower!

Image Source – MidJourney

This cool feature from Midjourney lets you be super creative and tweak the tiniest parts of a picture you make with their AI. It’s like having the power to make your picture just right in every little way.

But, there’s a trick to using it well. Midjourney says it’s best if you use this tool on a big part of your picture, like around 20% to 50% of it. And here’s a heads up: the changes you make should match the stuff in your picture and not look totally strange.

You might notice that some parts of this tool are kind of like something you’ve heard of before. It’s a bit like a famous thing in Adobe Photoshop called “Generative Fill.” That lets you put stuff in or take stuff out of a picture. You can also tell it what you want, and it tries to do it.

Midjourney doesn’t just have this cool tool, though. They also give you something called “Vary (Subtle)” for making small changes that keep the picture’s main idea, and “Vary (Strong)” for making big changes that might make the picture look really different.

If you’re already using Midjourney, you can play with this new tool if you want. But if you’re not using it yet, you can pick from four plans: Basic ($10 each month), Standard ($30 each month), Pro ($60 each month), and Mega ($120 each month). You can find out more about how to get Midjourney and start making your own AI art adventure!

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