Nokia Introduced Pure UI, But Not For Nokia Smartphones

Recently, Nokia introduced a new user interface called Pure UI for its upcoming B2B and enterprise products, but it will not be available on Nokia smartphones produced by HMD Global. Nokia’s official website says Pure UI features a minimalist design and a distinct appearance that prioritizes ease of use.

The recently stated Nokia Pure UI features a crisp design language. It won’t be effectuated on any Nokia smartphones from HMD Global, it will be availed on all forthcoming Nokia software UI projects.

The design language of Nokia Pure UI is deliberated to be consistent, adaptable, and forward-thinking, with a satiny and minimalist look. The entire look is demarcated by various elements, starting from layouts and guidelines. The Nokia Pure typeface is an important element of the new design and will be used throughout the UI.

“Pure is a flexible, future-proof design system created for and by Nokia”

says the company.

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The new icons with adjustable stroke widths have been introduced in the Pure UI to serve different display specifications and device functionalities. Additionally, smooth animations are used to attract user attention to specific elements.

Moreover, Nokia has incorporated important features that enable developers to create screens that have a consistent appearance with ease. The UI also comprises a dark mode, which automatically adjusts the styles of symbols and components.

The Nokia Pure UI boasts of providing strong components suitable for creating intricate web-based dashboards. Moreover, the UI is designed to be adaptable from small wearable screens to large wall-mounted displays.

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Nokia Pure UI Overview:

Clean and minimalistic design

Mostly all device makers have been started enclasping clean and minimalistic design language these days. In light of this, Nokia has designed its new user interface with similar design principles. There are several components, beginning with templates and guidelines that determine the overall appearance. And Nokia Pure typeface will be used throughout the UI here.

Refreshed icons

Nokia Pure UI has entirely fresh redesigned icons. They are stroke-based and their thickness can be adjusted to meet the display requirements and capabilities of a given device. Nokia remarks it has also improved the system animations, making them smoother and more visually appealing than before.

Rest of the features

Apart from this, Nokia Pure UI also braces dark mode. Nokia’s new user interface can also be utilized to create complex web-based dashboards. This interface, according to Nokia, can scale from tiny watch displays to large screens. It will also be used on the official “Nokia WiFi” app.

Nokia Pure UI Availability

At present, there’s no official statement on when Nokia will start rolling out its new user interface. We believe anytime soon it will be launched anytime soon and we are here to update it to all of you.

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