Meet Omspace: An aerospace Startup with a Vision to build a cost-effective solution for satellite launches


Ahmedabad-based Omspace is a space research and rocket-making aerospace company that is founded by Ravindra Raj. Dreaming about space since childhood, and he always wanted to work in this field. He was motivated by seeing the stars and wondering about them. Absolutely curious about the universe, he decided to take a step forward and inaugurated Omspace in 2020 and within no time this was a great success.

The aerospace startup is trying to create an ecosystem where everything about space seems interesting and development has no limitations. The company builds small rockets that are dedicated to small satellites. Apart from the R&D in the rocket sector, Omspace does a great job of educating students and skill-building on their campus.

Being a master in power electronics, he focused on developing and upgrading things that related to space. He with his partners with similar interests decided to start Omspace. The Gujarat startup ecosystem proved to be very helpful to them and offered a hand of help to initiate this project. In the initial stage, many organisations helped him to grow to this height.

Mission and Vision

The main vision is to build a cost-effective solution for the launch of satellites into orbit. Launching new rockets every time is very resource-consuming, so they came out with reusable rockets that save money. It cuts the cost as manufacturing new rockets does not take place. Also, growing and gaining a respectful name for India in the space sector tops the list of their mission.

About Omspace Educational Program

The Omspace Educational Program is basically a skill development program. In the initial stage when Omspace was in need of many skilful engineers and designers for manufacturing the rockets, there arose an issue with the skills. Training the students and building and developing relevant skills in them is the main reason why this educational program was initiated. Lots of freshers, interns and trainees have joined this program and getting benefitted from it. Many a time there was a problem with the student regarding their skills and knowledge and Ravindra always understood the issues with them and guided them towards the right path.

In this field of the aerospace sector, Omspace has proudly educated more than 45000 students till now and the number is keeping on increasing day by day. These programs are of various types like 1-day programs, 2 days programs, 1-month programs, and 6-month programs. Omspace has tie-ups with various renowned universities. The students come to the campus and can work on their final projects with Omspace. This builds their confidence to work in the field and also they can witness how a research centre works.

Development of the space research industry in India

Ravindra believes in India, there still has to be a lot of development done in this particular field of space research. In the current scenario, the Indian contribution to this industry is just about 2 per cent. Also, the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi has initiated programs for the space research industry and to convert the percentage from 2% to 5% in the coming 5 years. He has inaugurated IN-Space in Ahmedabad to boost aerospace research. Indian space research is growing globally as many international companies are coming to India for various technology research. Because of the many schemes that the government is approaching, there are going to be a lot of opportunities arising in India. He says

“the time has changed and the sector is growing and soon we are going to accomplish the mission of developing the industry.”

He says India has many skilful resources and within a very few years India is going to be a superpower in this field.

Views about IN-SPACe

Ravindra says ‘IN-SPACe is going to be a big push for India’s Space research Sector.’ He believes this field needs more privatisation. After privatising the space industry, there will be many more opportunities available in R&D. Many rockets and satellite manufacturing companies have held hands and many investors have shown interest in developing things. So, it is going to be a great push in the space sector development. Also, he is proud that Omspace is a part of this program. He says everyone is working hard to create various opportunities in the aero sector and there is good competition leading to better development.

Future of Space Research in India

He believes it is still in the growing stage and it is growing very great. If we check the status of every state, we will find at least two companies that are working for the development of the space sector which is a very beneficial thing.

“The era has been changed”.

Many big companies are investing to upgrade the sector which will result in great success for Indian Space Research Industry.

His advice for students who wish to make a career in Space Research

He believes the new generation should stay active with all the recent aerospace news and inventions that are taking place. Because a lot of companies now are looking for skilled engineers. As he says, there are going to be a lot of opportunities and there will be a great demand for space research engineers, he advises developing the skills. This is going to be very important. The sector is almost limitless when it comes to development and skills.

A piece of advice to entrepreneurs who are trying to raise funds

He says the investor will first see the traction. So, maintaining traction and organising everything properly will be a plus point. And definitely, there has to be a mentor who guides and supports during the low times. Also, the government is working on many schemes for startups and entrepreneurs. So one should always explore the schemes that government provides which will help to grow.

Being an entrepreneur, he has also done a lot of mistakes. The journey has not been very simple and everyone has to face everything. We learn a lot of things on the journey. Raising funds, management, proper operations, etc. everything should be managed proportionally. Having knowledge of almost everything is very important. Legality, trademarks, balance sheets, etc has been maintained, investors come by themselves considering all the proper stuff.

He believes grabbing opportunities has to be the one thing that we can do to boost ourselves as well as the system.

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